La Touch Finale Elegance?? Signature Statements

There is an evergreen and common belief that first impression is the best impression. While it is true, in the present day the first impression is not entirely enough. It is important for everyone to leave a legacy and lasting impression. What is Elegance? The dictionary elucidates it as refinement, grace, and beauty in movement, appearance, or manners. Here are some signature statements which will describe and help draw a pen picture about us. The description need to include the personal ¸«¤?? physical characteristics and mental abilities as also professional qualities. There is a very long list of attributes which will count to get a final picture about a person. Elegance and Esteem Social Skills Fashion and Style Grace and Deportment Dining Etiquettes We¸«¤??ll discuss physical characteristics first. What do you notice when you meet a person for the first time. Her / his built ¸«¤?? which is generally a natural gift from God. But with conscious effort one can keep certain attributes of the built like weight, the way one carries oneself etc. under control. The other things we notice is the hair style, clothes and accessories, foot wear etc. Each item plays it is own important role. Let us start from the head. Your hairstyle can speak volumes about you. While the colour, texture of hair etc. are natural, but style of course can be decided by the individual. Hairstyle has to be chosen very carefully. There is no ¸«¤??the¸«¤?? style which can be considered as best. The thumb rule is that the hairstyle should add value to your appearance and should keep you confident. How do you test whether you are confident about your hairstyle? There should not be any occasion for you to adjust the hair style often either by shaking your head or moving your hands. Once you have done up the style and you are able to forget about that, we can say that you are comfortable and confident with that. This applies in other cases also. Though hair styles gets noticed from distance, it is equally important to maintain absolute hair hygiene. Healthy and clean hair scores over style. A simple hair style may be acceptable, but a stinking and unhealthy hair is absolutely unacceptable. Some of the ¸«¤??keep away things¸«¤?? are ¸«¤?? dandruff, lice, bad odour etc. Those who live in hot and humid climate also need to pay extra attention for keeping their hair healthy. Regular washing of the hair, with appropriate type of shampoo, is a must for one and all. Occasional trimming of the hair can also ensure health of the hair. Do not use any hair oil which has strong fragrance. Those who are having deep rooted dandruff issue must visit skin specialist and take treatment, as this can lead to other health problems also. As far as the hair style is concerned, occasional visit to a hair stylist, who is a professional, is recommended. Similarly we need to detail out each and every attribute. Start your own Journal today and one by one address each aspect and discover a new self-hood. ¸«¤?? Sudha Thakur (