Indian Fashion Designers? Prt Wear Collection : Mi Estrella

An amazing store located in Meherchand Market, Lodhi Road known for its designs and collections from many budding and famous Indian designers, Mi Estrella absolutely stood out to its reputation when team Barclet visited the store. The store is an amalgamation of ethnic and western, clearly justifying the theme and motif of putting up the whole collection. The store brings to you the biggest names from the fashion industry under one roof. You can find your perfect outfit from prét to evening wear; from the power-lunch to that Sunday brunch; from an outing with family to the resort vacation with your loved one; this store is one of its kinds. It was a great opportunity for our team to visit this store and get to interview the curator/owner in partnership of this store, Avantika Chaudhary. She gave beautiful suggestions to get into the line of fashion and her own personal likes and preferences when it comes to fashion. Moving on to Avantica Chaudhry:

The people behind Mi Estrella are my partner Sanyam and myself. I am the curator. I have a lot of experience in the field of fashion, as I have been into fashion for the past 15 years. I take care of the curating, sourcing, visual merchandising at the store and sales. While my partner, Sanyam Tyagi is the marketing and business development man; he is the ‘technical guy’, he also handles the various social media accounts and the tie-ups associated with Mi Estrella.

According to you what skills are important for a successful career in fashion? 
You have to be up-to-date with fashion, you cannot repeat the set of styles and designs. The market is very much evolved right now, people are aware of the trends that are happening around. Everything is on your phone, from your instagram to facebook to various online shopping sites available, as a fashion designer you have to have a certain signature style and apart from that your designs should be sellable. There are many designers out there who consider fashion as an art but according to me unless it is wearable, you can’t really achieve success in true sense.

How you stayed up-to-date with fashion? 
By following every fashion week that happens in the world, by going to the markets, basically fashion is something which easily trickles down, maybe some style is started in Milan, Paris and you can come to know and find it in the streets of Delhi. I think you have to have the eye to know what is catching everyone’s attention and what is happening across.

Being associated with fashion, do you feel the pressure of always be dressed up properly?
For me more than anything, I always prefer comfortable clothes and it also has to be presentable. Its not that I have to be always loaded up with brands and be all stylish at all times, its all what you team up together. I think fashion is a very big part of my life so I automatically end up teaming things together, I hope in a nice way (laughs).



What do you enjoy the most about your job and what the hardest aspect associated with it? 
I guess dressing up the client that walks into my store and seeing that happy look on her face when she has the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion that is the best part of my job. The hardest aspect is that I feel the need for more space in my store, as there are so many designers out there and I don’t want to miss out on anyone.


Describe your personal style in one line? 
“Chi???? and easy”, she says.

If you have a choice to work with/for any of the fashion designers in the whole world, who would you pick? 
I think, Manish Arora, because he is somebody who has taken the art of fashion and the wearability of fashion and put them across so beautifully and you can see his work being applauded all over the world. He is so creative, his colours, his work, his style, I think all of it is just fabulous.

What are your plans for the future? We have already added a Men’s section, because I feel that it is a segment which is given least attention. Nowadays, I feel that the men are becoming very fashion conscious, They are more concerned about which trends are in or if they have a unique vast wardrobe. They do take their own personal fashion statement very seriously are not shying away from experimenting different looks. So, we have tied up with a few men’s wear designers and we are showcasing their work. In the near future, I also want to involve ART in our store , so soon we would be tying up with some renowned and not-so renowned artists. Also, we will have the ‘Artist of the month’, I feel art is an inseparable part of life but because people think art is unapproachable, they have to go and visit an art gallery to appreciate or purchase an artwork. We want it to give artwork more visibility by showcasing it through our store.

What after this store?
I want to expand Mi Estrella. We are about to launch our online store very soon. Also, I would like to open more stores in B-towns and C-towns and take the labels of the Indian fashion industry to the very fashion forward people who don’t have easy access to high-fashion.

In the end of our conversation, Avantica told us about the misconception people have, that fashion schools only teach fashion designing, but they also teach marketing skills. She believes that a fashion designer cannot succeed without a strong backing of marketing manager and if one could start by enrolling in these types of courses, there are strong chances of success in fashion industry