Interesting Facts About The Delhi Metro

  • Most of the metro stations in the blue line of Delhi metro have been inducted into rain water harvesting as an environment measure taken up by DMRC.
  • The Delhi Metro Platform is constructed in such a way that blind people can easily walk on it without any ones assistance. The yellow tiles with horizontal lines serves as a path for the blind people and leads directly to the lift.
  • The thing which people consider power cuts are attributed by DMRC as power shifts! The momentary power lapses which causes the lights and AC to go off at certain stations are actually ‘power shifts’.
  • A lot of metro stations provide bicycles on rent for as meagre as 10 rupees for 4 hours with a valid ID proof.
  • All stations have ramps built right at the entrance to help wheelchair-bound people to move around the station.
  • So next time you travel, you would know all about the interesting features in the Delhi Metro and its stations.

Almost everyone who lives in Delhi-NCR has boarded a metro. Be it for random travel needs or a regular routine like Office and College, Delhi Metro is a boon to the society. Here are some interesting facts about the Delhi Metro The female voice of Delhi Metro, who speaks in English, is Ms. Rini Simon Khanna and male voice of Delhi Metro, who speaks in Hindi, is Mr. Shammi Narang.

  • The escalators at all the Delhi metro stations are provided with unique ‘Saree Guard’ feature that sidetracks loose clothing such as sarees of ladies from getting trapped in the escalator.