Gautam Yadav ? ? A Talk About AIDS and HIV

February 3, 2016 Barclet Magazine AIDS, gaurav, HIV, LGBT, trangenders LGBT is short for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender; it’s the association of people the society doesn’t tag as normal people. It’s all in the perception; one’s sexuality is one’s own personal business and shouldn’t be bothered by anyone else in the society. It’s a personal choice all together and we heard personal stories and understood the depth of the issue. The LGBT session conducted by Hindu College was very enlightening to all of us. Speeches given by the orators threw light on their personal experiences and the problems faced by them. Sometimes the parents of such people don’t support their actions and views which make them feel de-moralized. At times, all they need is support and care which they unfortunately don’t receive from the society. We had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Gautam Yadav, a proud member of the LGBT community.

What is your take on HIV and AIDS?

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, and I got diagonised with this virus at a very early age. I had multiple sex partners in my teens and when I got myself checked by the HIV test, the results came out to be positive which was a big shock for me. Fortunately, I was counseled right and I got on the right track. I want to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS; I want the world to know about it and how to deal with it. Maximum population of the world does not go for HIV testing, some are scared of the results, and others don’t feel the need to do it.

There are many negative aspects associated with HIV, throw some light on the positive aspects?

There are many positive aspects associated with HIV; I couldn’t really degrade myself by thinking all the bad aspects. I have pushed myself a lot, crossed many barriers that came my way due to HIV. At last I just want to inspire people around me, I don’t want that due to misconceptions and myths another Gautam Yadav is born in this world.

Tell us something about your association with the community of LGBT and your achievements?

Well this association has leaded me to many successes and has given me many opportunities in life. I went to Paris and I got an opportunity to be the part of UN conference. I feel extremely special and honoured to be a part of such an organization for a social cause of spreading awareness.

Any message you want to convey to our readers?

I’ll say that there shouldn’t be anything in the world that should pull you backwards. No obstacle should be big enough to stop you from following your dreams. There is a solution to every problem and one should never give up. If there is any issue you are facing and you are unable to deal with it, you can contact me via facebook. If there is anything I can help you with, I will be more than happy to help.