Keeping The Celebrations Alive Post-Diwali.

Festive season is here, girls are planning their outfit for every single day, from Diwali to Bhai Dooj. Barclet presents you a very subtlelook, which will perfectly light up your look in the festival season. As festive season has ranged the doorbell, there is hustle and bustle among the girls for preparing the festivals lined up. Festive season is probably the most apt time to show off the traditional ghaghras, chudidaars,dhooti pants, indo-western sarees and what not. In India ethnic outfits have evolved progressively, also giving the women plenty of choices to choose from, to look modern and stylish but also to flaunt the culture of what this country beholds. Keeping it simple yet classy in the festive season is the sole motive of Barclet and here we present you two looks which you can use in any cultural festival, also its a DIY and is not much of an effort to carry out. We have styled a black long skirt with two-layered ethnic embroidery in the bottom in two different ways. The first look shows the model wearing a long skirt with a bralette and a hip scarf as a dupatta.

We bring you this unique yet very effective outfit for any cultural event or festival. In place of a regular blouse, the model is wearing a bralette as it gives a more fitted look to the entire outfit. You can play with the style you wanna flaunt according to your desire and needs, as the bralettes comes in different designs and embroidery, for eg: cross train bralette, crochet bralette, caged bralette, strappy front bralette.

Moving on, to the next segment of the first look, it’s the hip scarf, basically its a costume most commonly associated with belly dancing. It is an accessory worn by dancers over the hip region, it usually has coins all over to produce a sound effect when the dancer is performing. You can also use a fringed hip scarf which will do the same purpose without the noise. We used the hip scarf as a dupatta as it has more bling and looks more stunning in comparison of dupatta, also a hip scarf gives you a tribal look which is all so in demand these days. Its all about your own personal style and how do you wanna keep it!

In the second look the model is seen wearing the same black long skirt with a colourful koti and black spaghetti underneath. There are no words, how easy to mimic and yet so vibrant and perfect it looks. Koti adds a certain kind of emphasis over the upper torso, not only that, styling the outfit with a colourful koti will create a contrast between the extreme absorber of light, black and the other colours of the visible spectrum, making it more pleasing to the eyes of the observer. You can throw in some more colour by adding different colours of bangles and earrings with this outfit.

So, this festive season rock your look with these amazing outfit ideas, also share your perfect pickup outfit for any festival in the comment section below.


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