The City of Joy- Mandav

Mandav is known as the “City of Joy”. Allauddin Khilji named Mandu as Shadiabad or the city of happiness. Mandav is locaed in the Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh about 35 km from the Dhar City. The city gained prominence under Parmars (who called it Mandavgarh). Later on the rein was snatched by the Khiljis, Mughals and the Marathas. The place has a rich cultural and architectural lineage. Mandav offers a quick escape weekend. It has a serene and peaceful environment and is an easy gateway from Delhi. Once you reach there be sure to visit: Hoshang Shah Tomb


It is believed to be India’s first marble structure; it is one of the most refined examples of Afghan architecture. The tomb’s unique features include the beautifully proportioned dome, intricate marble lattice work and porticoes courts and towers. It served as a template for the construction of Taj Mahal.

Jami Masjid 

It is inspired by the great mosque of Damascus; this humongous structure is striking in both its simplicity and architectural style-with large courtyards and grand entrances.
Jahaz Mahal


Jaza Mahal is situated between two artificial lakes, this two storied architectural marvel is so named as it appears as a ship floating in water. Built by Sultan Ghiyas-ud-din-Khilji, it served as a harem for the sultan.

Roopmatis Pavilion

It’s a large sandstone structure originally built as an army observation post it is known today as Roopmati’s Pavilion. Rani Roopmati – the love interest of Baaz Bahadur lived here and is said to have gazed at the Baz Bahadur’s Palace – situated below and also at Narmada River, flowing through the Nimar plains far below, a river which the queen revered.

Baz Bahadurs Palace

The palace was built by Baz Bahadur, this 16th-century structure is famous for its large courtyards encompassed by large halls and high terraces. It is situated below Roopmati’s Pavilion and can be seen from the pavilion.


Source : Wikipedia

Photography by Parth Jain, Guest Photographer

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