Class 12th Results: Joyous And Fearsome

Students have come out with flying colors this year which is evident through the outstanding result of class 12th boards throughout the country. On 21st May, Saturday the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) results were announced.

A Delhi girl named Sukriti Gupta of Montfort School in Ashok Vihar, topped the toppers chart with 99.4 percent which is 497 marks out of 500. Sukriti says “I am very happy, and wasn’t expecting to top the exams. I cannot explain the feeling in words, exactly. I would give the credit of all my success to my teachers; school teachers and coaching teachers, both. I gave importance to all three ways of preparations, be it school, coaching or self-study, as everything has its own relevance. We can’t skip any one of them.”

Here are Sukriti’s scores in each subject:

Total: 497/500
Physics: 100/100
Chemistry: 100/100
Mathematics: 99/100
English: 99/100
Computer Science: 99/100

Following her was Palak Goyal of Tagore Public School, Kurukshetra who stood second with 99.2 percent and Somya Uppal of St. Theresa Convent School, Karnal who stood third with 99 percent.

Approximately 92% of the students who appeared for the examination have passed.

Just like the previous year, this year too the girls have beaten the boys with 88.58% pass percentage, while the boys secured 78.85% pass percentage.

The interesting part is two fraternal twins Juli and Shingo Sarkar scored the exact same percentage of  95%. Juli and Shingo are children of a Japanese mother and a Bengali father. Juli said “We were adamant about not attending tuition or coaching. We studied on our own with help from our school and teachers. It was fun for us because we could study together and quiz each other. There was always a healthy competition between us. I believe time management is very important.

Both Juli and Shingo were athletes competing at the state level and were dancers too.

“Since Juli and I had different strengths and weaknesses, we would often help each other. My parents have also always supported us. My mother, Kazumi Sarkar, who teaches Japanese at IIT-Bombay took a break this year to help us ” said  Shingo.

Another pair of twin sisters Ankita Chauhan and Harshita Chauhan scored 495 out of 500 that is 93% marks in Science.



A differently abled student of Glorious Academy, Varanasi, Sumedha Pathak, scores 91.04% marks. She says she drew her inspiration from our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. She aspires to be an IAS officer or and economist. Sumedha says “I dream big. I can’t let anything take over them. What was destined had already happened. There is no use of looking back now. I would work hard to achieve my goal”

However, with the happiness of scoring well in class 12th comes along another threat of seeking admissions in colleges. Hopefully, the growing competition or the vague distribution of marks will not be able to chain down the eagles of aspirations, soaring high above in the sky.

– Nrupali Nadkarni