Why We Hate Mondays?

Seriously? Monday again? But I’m still not done with my little vacation. Phew, okay let’s just sip the coffee and bitch about Mondays together. So first of all, there is no scientific reason to hate Mondays. If we criticize Mondays, ever wondered why we get so overwhelmed about the weekends? Why do we party like crazy animals and get drunk every Saturday like never before and wait eagerly for the next weekend to arrive? Some psychology researchers suggest that the huge emotional shift from relaxing Sunday to the soul-crushing Monday could be one of the reasons. Nobody likes to work, everybody wants to sleep and have their own sweet time. When we wake up at the noon and have a delicious brunch and just spend the evening doing our favorite hobby or catching up with friends over a coffee, laze around, watch TV, go shopping, have some ‘me’ time. What a bliss!

And the next day, squeeze yourself in the commute, get all the negative vibes from your cranky boss and gossip about everything with your colleagues, inhale the sweat again while commuting home, do all the daily chores, get tired and sleep like a small baby. It’s that feeling you had as a child when the session break got over and the school reopened. Doesn’t really sound good.

Now let’s have a new perspective towards this- it won’t be completely wrong to say that we are all projecting our hatred for the job on the poor Mondays. It’s that feeling of unlikeliness that makes us sick every morning till the next weekend arrives. If you do what you love then you should enjoy doing it, right? Being stuck in the wrong job just to have an income will only turn you into a complaint box. Struggle a bit, put in some efforts and make your dream job to happen in real.

Let’s not be in denial. Currently, most of the people are just willing to match up with herd because no one wants to be left alone. Hence, criticizing Monday (and everything else) with everyone around us has become just another way of socializing. Sit back and think about it, do you really hate Mondays, and if you do, what could be the ‘sensible’ reason behind it? Or are you just in the cranky mood?

We are own reason to be happy or sad. Technically, Monday should be the most productive day of the week because we are back from the refreshment over the weekend. If Monday is tiring, then definitely you have not spent your weekend well.

If you are sad about the Monday, Monday can do nothing about it. But you can do some soul searching and try and figure out what’s wrong with the Monday and even rest of the week. Let’s avoid being negative about Mondays and make the most of it.

Happy Mondays!

– Pinanki Shah