Letter To A Teenager

Dear Girls, Don’t be insecure. You don’t need makeup, nice clothes and a boyfriend. You are all beautiful. Put that blade down. You don’t need to put the cut marks for a jerk who wasn’t worthy enough to understand your love and your worth. Stop just stop. Take a deep breath and go wash your face first. Let the tears roll down, cry as much as you want, let it all out, you are a lot more stronger than you think. Calm down and listen to me once. Put that blade in your hands aside, no I am not going to lecture you to think about all your happy memories and moments of the past and move on because I know it is not so easy. I am not going to ask you to think about the people who care for you. Do you even remember the first time you told your Best Friend that you couldn’t take it anymore? That you couldn’t feel anything but pain? That nothing makes you happy anymore? Everything in this world reminds you only about him? I know you feel like dying but trust me, you don’t want to die, the scars on your wrist prove that. If you really wanted to die you wouldn’t just cut, would you? Think about it once. It’s only a way to scare people in your life. Don’t do that, you don’t need it. He won’t come back even if you cut yourself. But trust me someday the cuts would be deeper than you expected. Someday there would be more blood than you ever expected. That’s when the wounds and the cuts really won’t heal. The floor of your room would be filled blood, your parents would see you surrounded in a pool of blood, they would take you to the hospital. Your parents would cry. Even though you think nobody in this world loves you but your parents, your family, your friends would cry. And the guy because of whom you are doing all this? He might feel guilty for one day but he would resume his own life and party from the very next day, he wouldn’t care enough. Ofcourse you didn’t plan to die. You just wanted to cut, but this time the cuts were too deep. You need to understand that there is not always a second chance. Just in case you come back home with a bandaged wrist on your hand no one would blame you for anything but inside they all would think and would be wondering “how could you be so selfish and not think about your parents and family’s respect”. You need to understand that he’s not worth it, nobody is worth it in this world. You need to understand that life doesn’t stop because of one person, life goes on. The bad news is “nothing lasts forever” but the good news is “nothing lasts forever”. Go hug the ones who love you, let it all out. Cry as much as you want, don’t let it be inside you and kill you. Smile, because you’re alive ??ď𡯏??Ï??? ̏??? ??? ???? Go to your terrace, feel the cool breeze brush up against your face. Take a deep breath, look at the stars and talk, there’s nothing better than this. You can and you will do this and pass this phase. You are stronger than you think you are. Smile because there are people who care enough and you do deserve a lot better. Your friend, Somebody who lost her Best Friend because of all this. Vani Matta