Irresistible Dishes From Around The Globe

There are many reasons to be excited about when you are travelling to a new place and experiencing a different culture. The scenery, the people, the clothes and of course, the food. A traveller might not wear the same clothes everyone is wearing around but the food is the basic human ingredient. So we bring you ten classic dishes you cannot miss out and it also satisfies every taste.

Pad Thai, Thailand

There are of course many popular things about Thailand, ahem, but Pad Thai is the one to watch out for. It looks like a hodgepodge of many different ingredients and is also served with a variety of options like chicken or shrimp. It is a stir-fried dish in tamarind, fish sauce, chilli and palm sugar, and the aroma itself is so refreshing.

Pho, Vietnam

Salty, sweet, sour and spicy all at the same time, Pho is basically a noodle dish comprised of vivid ingredients like pork, peanuts and shallots and is sometimes served with rice. It is also topped with beef, anise, ginger, spring onion, bean, sprout, basil and lemon. It is one of the staple foods of Vietnam and is found all over the country.

English Breakfast, England

A precisely garnished pile of sausages, eggs, beans, toast, tomatoes, black pudding and much more, it depends on how much you can eat at a time. The freshly cooked scrambled eggs with an English tea or orange juice, mouth watering. The different versions of such breakfast could be found all over the United Kingdom, like the Irish breakfast, Scottish breakfast and the Welsh breakfast- and they are all really healthy.

Haggis, Scotland

It tastes like a spicy meaty sausage and is traditionally made of sheep’s heart, liver, lungs, onions, oatmeal and some spices. Do not cringe over the ingredients just have it with a Scottish Whiskey, it makes up for a perfect meal.

Goulash, Hungary

The popular Hungarian Goulash- the word is translated into English as ‘shepherd’s soup’. The traditional Goulash is a clear broth with chunks of meat and other vegetables like onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green pepper etc. and is served hot, pair it with chilled beer and enjoy the merging of tastes.

Banitsa, Bulgaria

A mixture of eggs, Bulgarian feta cheese and filo pastry baked in an oven. It’s a breakfast dish and could be eaten both hot or cold, it’s delicious in any way. It is sometimes served with spinach, milk or even a pumpkin. The are special bakeries which only serve varieties of Banitsa throughout the country.

Fattoush, UAE

The utterly tangy and soul satisfying salad ever made, it is one of the biggest contribution from the Middle East to binge on. The crispy lettuce, fried pita, diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, garlic, lemon, olive oil and mint adds a refreshing taste to the dish. It’s easy to make but the to get the perfect tangy taste is quite a task.

Baklava, Istanbul

A Middle Eastern desert made of chopped nuts, sweet syrup and honey dressing. It is sweet but not so sweet at the same time, it tastes delicious with a coffee.

Pie, America

The pie is seriously the national favourite food of the States, be it apple pie or a Frito pie and its eaten all time of the year. It is served in every bakery in the country and it’s known to be the best if its home made.

Biscuits and Gravy, South America

It sounds strange but tastes delicious. The biscuits are traditionally made of butter and milk and the gravy with meat, usually pork sausage and black pepper. It was invented out of the poverty when people just managed to eat whatever is available. But now it is turned out to be a lip smacking dish and is of course soul satisfying.

If you are visiting any of these nations, just grab the food and devour on.

– Pinanki Shah