Getting Into The Black Hole

(My sincerest thank you to all the scientists who have put their research on black holes on the internet. This article wouldn’t have been possible without you)

Growing up, my greatest nightmare was the earth getting sucked into a black hole and humanity suffocating to finally succumb to horrible death. In the last few days, this nightmare has turned into a fascinating idea that refuses to leave my head. The idea is the possibility of our universe existing inside a black hole.

Black holes are strange things and not many people understand their way of functioning. The closest I’ve come to understanding the science and concept of black holes was through the movie ‘Interstellar’. Scientists have divided opinion on the science used in the movie. They agree to the structure of Gargantua but are ambivalent whether going in and out of the black hole as shown in the movie is correct.

Space which has stopped being a part of the universe and is bent in an entirely different dimension is known as the bulk. In Interstellar, the mysterious beings who were thought to be our future selves looking out for us, are referred to as ‘they’ and they reside in the bulk. ‘They’ live in the five-dimensional world where time travel is possible. But no matter how unbelievably cool that sounds, this fact has been discarded by the astrophysicists as the bulk is too tiny or to be more scientifically accurate “infinitesimally small” for any human entity to exist inside it.

Till here we are pretty sure that getting inside a black hole means only one thing and that is death. But consider this…

The boundary of a black hole is known as the event horizon. As explained by Wikipedia, the event horizon in layman terms is known as the ‘point of no return’. At this point, the gravitational force is so massive that nothing, I repeat, nothing can escape it, not even light. Everything that enters a black hole conglomerates (think Pacman gobbling those dots) into an infinitely small and dense dot scientifically known as ‘singularity’. And at the beginning of everything, what was our universe? An infinitely small and dense dot which exploded to create our world. Coincidence or is it?

The possibilities are diverse. Tell us what you think in comments below.

- Shakshi Singh