Mumbai, Maharashtra – Smeet Doshi

‘A photo can have umpteen facets, it’s just a matter of perception.’

Meet Smeet Doshi, an hobbyist photographer pursuing engineering professionally, such a talked about combination isn’t it?. Living in Mumbai for almost 20 years now, he knows this place from corner to corner. The amazing nightlife of which is so talked about and the local train service of this metropolitan are few amongst many highlights of this city. Being on the western coastal end of India, the Arabian Sea gives some beautiful beaches to this city and beautiful coastal city sides. Some of which are highlighted below.

Dadar Chowpaty




I must say this beach offered me the best view of the Worli Sealink. A place where photographers could just not stop clicking. The best oppotunity being the lit-up Sealink at dusk as the Sun sets. Well, this place has no food corners around the beach but as you walk the lane to the main street you have lots of choices. The beach becomes quite crowded as people gather to see the beautiful sunset in the evening.

Carter Road, Bandra



And who doesn’t know this famous spot in Mumbai? It is quite famous for the sea front seating where the love birds of the city get a place to chit-chat, haha. Not only that, it has ample amount of famous eateries around for all the food cravers. The sea front is beautiful all day long in a photographic sence with rocks and small puddles giving an amazing reflection of the sky not only that it also has benches with chess tables on it so that you can throughly enjoy your evening playing chess in the open.

Taj Mahal Hotel



IMG_2557Infamous for the terrorists attacks that took place few years back, this place has many reasons other than that to be talked about for good aswell. A perfect combination of old and new, side by side is so good to look at. The architectural beauty of both its buildings is excuisite. It shows how good the Britishers were with its architectural essence. If its so beautiful from outside then you can totally imagine the beautify inside. With big chandeliers and lamps that light the entire lobby, the hotel is worth a visit.

Suruchi Beach, Vasai (Exteriors of Mumbai)




In the suburbs of Mumbai, this splendid beach is quite hidden not much visited. The huge trees on the shore makes this place look out of the world. The world wide instameet 12 had taken place at this picturesque destination and loads of amazing pictures were clicked. The beach is a bit far from the main station but I bet it is totally worth the time.

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