The Chobigrapher – Neal Bhaumik

 I remember cherishing my grand ma photo albums. They seemed to be a doorway, to the time that passed by, to the reminiscences that lived forever.

The very essence I have of this treasure of mine is what I find common in Neal. This week we are featuring Neal Bhaumik, a conceptual and fine art photographer. He hails from Agartala Tripura. (I can’t get over this fad for hills). Having being born in such a picturesque landscape (unlike Delhi no offences, neither there can be) among people who lead simple, content life simplicity is a virtue. Bhaumik hails from a place which is a cultural pot puree. An essential thing which feeds your soul and creative high this is what I believe though.
In conversation with Neal Bhaumik.



What do you think makes a memorable photograph?

“According to me, what make a photograph memorable are the emotions attached to it. Even the raw candidness of any picture taken makes it memorable. After all why do we take photographs? We take it so that we can freeze moments and cherish it for more than a lifetime. Everything dies, everything fall apart, but photographs keep them alive. They are like time capsules. Nothing lasts forever. But I found my way of freezing moments through the magical thing called photographs. Things wither, we die. They leave we cry. What remains? A Memorabilia. To me the perfect form of memories is through capturing moments, events, some long lost laugh & a melancholy sigh.”
(PS that reminds me of UP the animated movie.)

4 (2)                                  This picture describes her freedom and joy. its from my last series.

How does black and white vs. colour play into your work? Do you find them to be totally separate beasts – or complementary?

There’s nothing exactly in black and white in this life. A splash of color can tease your eyes and put a smile on your face. For me both Monochrome & techni colour are complimentary to each other and equally significant to my captures. Colours equate to the shade bore by the emotion of the given picture or the person in it. Black & white can define certain rawness and colors can portray some certain charm. The object or subject of the picture decides the hue of my pictures.
But then
‘When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!’ – This famous saying says it all. So, I try to take series in whole black and white. My series ‘AWARA’ an ALEXTHYMIA is in black and white. “


3 (1)                                   It is one of my most favouite pictures from my series – ‘ALEXTHYMIA’. – Neal Bhaumik

What motivates you to continue taking pictures economically, politically, intellectually or emotionally?

“The circumstances, situation ironies of our lives and the way we deal with them. I believe if you are an artist or a writer or a photographer, the biggest motivation is the happenings in the society. I love to portray simple things, where you can find happiness and simultaneously in try to portray the harsh realities.
I believe, one y needs to observe the subject before one photograph. Observe the way they look at the world, their perspective. Observe the way they blush, drink their coffee, smile, play with their hairs, and stare at you. It’s a fun game all together. That’s what I do while taking pictures. And I keep in mind of capturing the heart, soul and not the willow.”


What gear/technology/equipment do you use?
“Currently I am using Canon EOS 70D body. Lens: Canon 50mm, 1.8 Tamron 10-24mm, Tamron 90 mm 2.8, and Tamron 70-300 mm. And my eyes!” (Heartfelt laughter to rhetorical answer)

It is basically a conceptual picture. It tells us that the world is colorful indeed. It is basically a conceptual picture. It tells us that the world is colorful indeed.

Tell us something about your latest series?
“My series half abridged soul is about letting a spirit out of a girl fighting against the boundaries of society. The pictures show the simplest of desires of a person, here the girl for attaining that salvation that we all vouch for.”

– Sakshi Agarwal.



Check Glimpses from Neal’s kaleidoscope :

6It is from my long project and photo series named SKIN.