A Sound Click – Vaibhav Sachdeva

In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past. We continuously attempt to understand and look at the world through the eyes of a photographer. Heres Vaibhav Sachdeva’s perspective –

“I always wanted to capture everything I see with my eyes,” said Vaibhav when we asked him why he took up Photography.


“This picture was one of my first few clicks shot with a 70-300mm lens. I was driving back home and saw a shooting star. I’ve always dreamt of having my wishes fulfilled. I did wish something when I saw it and clicked it. The wish is still a wish.”

“It’s not just a picture that you click, but it is important that the picture should convey what exactly would’ve been the state of the subject at the moment the picture was clicked.”


“This picture is something that makes me realize that everything that rises has to set at the end of the day.
Whatever problems I’ve been through did rise and fall at the end. This motivates me whenever I’m jumping through hurdles. Shot with a 70-300mm lens.”

“Colours definitely play an important role as it shows the emotions in the picture. Whereas the black and white perspective gives it a different form. They are complementary to each other.”


“My mother means the world to me. A candid of my mother smiling is a delight to my soul..
Shot with a 50mm lens.”

And what motivates him to continue taking pictures?

“I’d say emotions and economics are the two factors that motivates me to continue clicking pictures.”


“This is an antique telephone kept at my place.
This is a shot taken using only a candle’s Light.
Shot with 18-140mm lens”

Vaibhav uses a Nikon D750 Full Frame D-SLR with 6 Different Lenses. He wants the spectator to have a feeling as if they actually were present in the picture and were a part of it when it was taken.


“Those are my parents hands over each other’s promising to carry on their life, loving each other unconditionally.
They swore to keep loving us and blessing us.”


The picture was clicked in Goa. The person sitting in the picture is like a brother to me.
He was giving up on his life and even tried to leave the world. I stopped him eventually and found him sitting alone a mile across the shore.
The picture reminds me why one shouldn’t give up so easy as there’s a sea of opportunities and life ahead and it’s way too early for us to give up. It motivated me to never give up and strive harder after every fall.

“I work to reach a point where all my viewers can connect in their own way with the picture. I want them to own the picture individually.”