New Year, New Beginning

Here we are standing at the end of another year in our lives. Let??s just take some time to realize what went wrong and right in the preceding year. Take down points which you don??t want to repeat in this year. Life is too short, holding onto grudges, involving into any kind of intoxication, not moving on, following others perceptions and working upon their expectations; is nothing but running from the life God gave us. The almighty has provided us with the most beautiful gift called ??Life??. Are you devoid of love? Forget what happened earlier, move on and get onto the quest of finding someone more worthy. Searching for motivation? Inspire yourself by working harder everyday, to make each day count. You don??t get appreciated? Appreciations are a vicious truth of life, just respect yourself for whatever you are good at and focus on your destination. No friends? Easy rule, throw the ego and attitude into the dustbin and start talking to people. Not good looking? Not important, embrace the inner beauty which holds way more importance. Nothing to do? Pen down your thoughts, click beautiful pictures, make a masterpiece, backpack to a destination and the journey will inspire you for the rest of your life, apply for internships; there is no time for boredom where there is so much to do. Don??t get stuck on others?? idea of perfection. Break the barriers, release the ??Hero?? in you and fight for what you deserve. Stop bowing down and accepting what others are offering you, instead find your own path. We all have the privilege to live our lives on our conditions. This New Year, remove what??s stopping you from getting success and grow with Barclet to a new better brighter beginning of life.