Guide To Fitness Wardrobe

When it comes to health, there is no compromising and determination plays a major role in it. Fitness enthusiasts often ignore the grooming part while working out and end up wearing cotton T-shirts or wrong shoes. For an effective workout, a suitable wardrobe is equally important and it has a scientific reason behind it. While exercising, the person sweats and the body temperature changes, hence, it is essential to maintain a compatible body temperature and to wear clothes that soak up the sweat without letting germs enter your open skin pores. The technology in textiles has been really innovative to support the workout attire for professional sports people. Because wrong clothes can lead to serious medical issues, therefore, pull on your socks and get your guide to perfect gym attire.

Sportswear Fabrics


Avoid cotton clothes for the reason that it just soaks up the sweat but it doesn’t dry quickly the sweat will stick to your skin for a longer time, inviting germs. There are special fabrics for work out such as mesh and other synthetics. Purchase from sportswear brands to get the quality tee shirts and track pants.

Sports Bras

A workout requires a good amount of stretching and comfort is a necessary element to put in all the efforts in. A regular padded or an underwire is a big no for activities like yoga or cardio. Also, under bust tends to sweat so a moisture wicking bra is necessary which also provides a good support.



The fit usually depends on the choice of the individual but wearing lounge sportswear can interrupt in the way while working out. Also, it depends on the impact of the exercise, as loose t-shirts might work well while doing yoga but cardio may require slim-fits. But t-shirts or pants which are too tight to the skin should definitely be avoided. Take some time and try on the clothes before purchase.



Trainers are the best, there is a variety of shoes available from sports brands to suit different workout requirements. Figure out what type of comfort and cushioning you require while exercising. For example, yoga training might not require sports shoes at all but running or jogging needs a specific type of trainers.

Don’t neglect the sportswear socks as it is essential for maintaining body heat as well. Nylon socks are comfortable but are not durable enough to soak up the sweat regularly.



People often confuse the sweatshirt to be less effective while working out and end up using it as a winter jacket. The layering should not be avoided if you are on streets, like jogging or running, to avoid pollution and bacteria enter the open sweat pores on the skin. The full sleeves tee shirts are also effective but layering will maintain the body temperature.

Fashion is necessary but comfort is a must, follow up the gym attire guide to make the most of your workout plan.

– Pinanki Shah