New Bridal Collection By The Exquisite Berta

Berta Bridal is a luxury bridal fashion house based in Israel. The fashion house was established by the designer Berta Balilti in 2004 and has expanded from Israel to 70 other countries. Berta Bridal is now mentioned as the brand that made the bridal fashion world evolve from the traditional dresses to bolder wedding gowns.

Berta Bridal’s marvellous collection has surprised the audience every season, and the same happened in the showcase of the Fall Winter collection this year. The cut, the fit and the silhouette of the dresses proved that nothing can wrong on the Day if the bride is wearing a Berta gown. Since 20 years now, Berta has been creating masterpieces by paying attention to every intricate detail to fulfil the dream of the bride.

Berta’s latest collection for Fall Winter 2016 is created with all the sophistication, taking bridal wear one rank higher. Each gown is uniquely made up of various different materials, resulting it into a collection that is unlike anything else. The only limits of this collection lay in the imagination of bride wearing it, and a bride wearing Berta is making a very clear statement about herself.

For this collection, instead of looking for inspiration somewhere else, Berta decided to look what is in the gown itself. From craftsmanship to the beauty of the gown, the delicate laces, shiny stones, sweet chiffons, all giving the rich feel to the garment; the latest collection focuses more on the sequence and the patterns, which one seen could not be forgotten by the viewer.

With the design being exquisite, the fit is very distinguished in this collection as well. Every dress is custom made and the dress falls on the body of the bride in such a way that it enhances her natural figure instead of concealing anything. It makes the bride feel more confident about herself, like to be in her own skin.

The premium designs clearly indicate why Berta is in her own league. Her work is appreciated in the bridal industry for her devotion to the designs and having an artistic approach towards bridal fashion. The wedding and bridal websites are loaded with the brides talking curiously about the Berta gowns as they are so admirable. Also, the brand is actively present on multi-channels to keep in touch with the admirers, and for the viewers to be awe-struck with every post of their dresses.