Girls, Avoid Being A Fashion Disaster!

“Imperfection is beauty,
madness is genius
and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
– Marilyn Monroe

Although the quote is good for drawing inspiration, it shouldn’t be mistaken for the formula of the fashion textbook. #fashionterrorist alert !!

For summer office fashion, don’t go too casual. It is never appropriate in the office to be too laid back and can reveal too much. Tank tops, golf shirts and bathing suits can definitely not replace your regular under garments.

Even though it is 40 degrees outside, it is a complete fashion disaster to under dress. Spaghetti-strapped and strapless dresses that reveal too much of the chest, shoulders and back are strictly prohibited. Thin, barely-there sundresses should be saved for the weekend.

Although the flip flops are all the rage, still attending college in too-casual or strappy sandals doesn’t sit right and add to your image a a fashion disaster.

If you are distracted more by your clothing than others, it certainly is a fashion faux pas aka a fashion disaster. Covering yourself in neon from head-to-toe or bold screaming patterns that wear you, instead of the other way around are some pointers as to what certainly does not give you the right kind of attention.

As far as handbags are concerned, stylists say that black, charcoal and metallic bags look too heavy in summer and plus they soak up heat. Lets save all those for fall and winter and go for a little subtle yet elegant colors for the summer fashion.

So girls, remember the don’ts of fashion!

– Shristee Rawat