Fashion This Summer

Gone are those days when each new season bought new fashion. This summer, fashion looks into the past and adopts the styles of 80s and 90s, when everyone made their own trends. Let’s check out what is new to wear this summer, or may be, reinvented, with a blend of contemporary.

Go Green


We all love Blue, and we cannot avoid its sibling, Green. Fashion supports the environmental awareness with going all sensitive towards nature. This Spring, we definitely saw more of Green getting its way through Blue and its going to continue for Summer as well. Go Get Green!


Its so hot and skinnies are not cool anymore. Take all the pyjamas out of your home on to the streets and laze around in them. Baggy pants and wide legged pants can turn from casuals to formals simply by pairing them with a shirt.

Pom Poms


Spring is all playful and fashion just got the right thing for us, colourful Pom Poms. We have been seeing them around for sometime, but this season it got into major fashion trend. Give up the sequins, Pom Pom is our new party popper.

Denim Forever


We can never get tired of Denim, its classic and gets reinvented every season, perfect to suit our changing tastes. This season, denim just got distressed like never before, and on the other hand, denim on denim is taking a new turn as well.

Welcome Back!


As Pom Pom are taking place of sequins, Dungarees are bought back as a substitute to Jumpsuits. One of the coolest street styles from the past, pair them with tees and pull off the casual look.

Underwear as Outerwear


Slip dresses and lace dresses are trickling its way down from the 90s to this season. Don’t really care to dress up just be cool for the summer. Just like the ladies got their slip dresses on, men are getting their boxers out on the streets too.


This Summer shopping would be most budget friendly, just wear those clothes you have been lounging in at home and nail the summer fashionably.

– Pinanki Shah