Maracalli and Instagram Are Best Friends

Social media has played a big part in my life as a teenager, and so when I discovered the fashion accounts on instagram and fell in love with the posts, I thought to myself “Wait, hold on. Can’t I do this too?” It took only a minute for me to get out of my bed, put some clothes on my floor and take a picture with my iphone. The result? A picture extremely similar to the ones I kept seeing on my feed, an “outfit of the day layout”. I posted it and the next day I had gotten over one hundred likes and three comments welcoming me to the fashion blogosphere on instagram. It dawned on me then that I really don’t need fancy clothes and expensive accessories to create the content I enjoyed seeing so much and from that day on, “maracalli” started.

I truly believe that what is important is the outfit itself, and not the person who wears it. This is why most of my posts are layouts, and the ones where I am wearing clothes do not show my face. I like believing that it helps the viewer concentrate only on what is important : the clothing itself.

Usually, it is the other way around. You like fashion and clothes and so you figure out having a blog is, naturally, the next step, then comes your instagram page and maybe, just maybe, if you are successful, a youtube account. For me, it was not like that, obviously. I started with instagram and now I’m working on opening my blog. It’s a big, scary step but I will definetly not back down now.I don’t know how or if this will work out, but I have a passion and I will pursue my dream, hoping that something good will come out of it.

Also, as you’re a blogger, do you also create your own trend and style? If yes, what are they?

I tend to unconsciously adhere to the style of fashion bloggers I admire, but more often than not I find myself wearing things that are comfortable and look good together. As I am what society would call “a basic teenager”, most of my outfits are created by combining trends that are popular at the moment, usually with some sort of twist that gives my outfit a tad more personality. I’m currently working on a diy project which involves my beloved black leather jacket from Zara, I can only hope it will turn out as I envision it!

How would you describe your style?

That’s a difficult question. I do not think I am mature enough to have my own style just yet. My wardrobe is a mixture of comfortable clothes, leather jackets and statement pieces such as chunky necklaces and silver boots. You’ll find me wearing an all-black outfit on Monday and the cutest pastel dress on Thursday, it completely depends on my mood.



Who inspires your wardrobe and why?

I spend quite a lot of time checking out posts on instagram, therefore I’d say that my biggest inspiration in terms of fashion is comprised of famous instagrammers and bloggers. Camille Charriere, Nada Adelle and Christina Caradona are some of my favourites at the moment.

What are your favourite blogs and why?

My favourite blog is definetly, I simply adore Luanna and her style. It’s youthful, it has some grunge accents, it’s accessible and dark. Her bright hair colour also caught my attention, as it has always been a dream of mine to dye my hair an intense shade, and seeing her pictures makes me believe it’s not as hard to pull it off as some might say. I also enjoy reading, the blog of a romanian fashionista I truly admire and respect.

What are the best aspects of running your own blog? What are the hardest aspect?

Currently, instagram is the only platform I use but I’m planning on branching out, and I believe that my wordpress blog will soon be ready. I can only hope it will be at least as successful as my current page, and I do hope it will help me become more established in the fashion blogosphere. I love the fact that running my instagram page has enabled me to express myself and create my own content. With instagram, the
hardest part is keeping my audience engaged and sticking to a rather tight schedule.

What are your favourite places to shop?
I usually get my clothes and accessories from shops such as Zara, Pull&bear, Bershka, New Look, as they are accessible and have pieces that are easy to mix and match. I truly believe that everyone can look good, there’s absolutely no need for you to spend a fortune a Louis Vuitton handbag or a pair of Louboutins (I’m not saying you shouldn’t get them if you have the chance, though!).

Are there any trends you’re inspired by this season?

Like every other teenage girl, I’ve religiously compiled an impressive collection of statement necklaces and chokers. I have also been wearing an almost excessive amount of ripped jeans and breton tops. Name the last clothing item you’ve seen on instagram- I probably already own it.

What clothing items will you say is timeless?

I’d say that one cannot declare they have a complete wardrobe unless they own a nice, well-fitted white dress shirt. It goes well with absolutely everything, be it a tight skirt or a distressed pair of jeans.

Who are your favourite designers?

I love Jeremy Scott’s work as it is extremely fun and playful and Mary Katrantzou, for she manages to beautifully create contrast between colour and shape. I also admire Alexander Wang and his simple, clean and intense collections.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

When I’m not blogging, I’m either taking part in different school projects or enjoying going out with my best friends, who have showed immense support for what I do. In addition to this, I like to spend my free time checking out other instagrammers and reading sites like or, drinking rooibos tea and daydreaming about my future.

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– Kritika Bhardwaj