Language With a Comic Tinge

Here is a list of some foreign words that may leave you amazed and rolling on floor when heard in English.


I know what you are thinking, the girl dating your best friend. Or even about the animal that gave birth to your dog. But for the French, they think of the animal who is the mother of the beloved character Bambi, a deer.

  2. FAHRT

Are you scrunching up your nose? Understandable. But it’s not what you think. In the German language, Fahrt means, to drive. Which means in Germany, couple go for long FAHRTS, listen to Rihanna’s hit Shut Up and FAHRT. Get it?


Worst is an adjective used negatively, often by your professor on your behavior, or for some movie. It is used describe a lot of things. It is a word that usually gets you to frown, but not for the Dutch speaking people. It just makes them smile and even hungry as they picture a juicy piece of sausage in front of them.


Say this out loud and a girl might just run behind you with ammunition. It sounds like a word that will drive away any female personnel around you. In Sweden, this word can have all the ladies running to you because slutspurt in Swedish means a final sale.


Does ‘pakapoo’ reminds you of money? Well, it did to the Australians at one point of time. Flushing that thought down, in olden Australian vocabulary pakapoo meant lottery.


Can you associate words like ‘yummy’, ‘so good’, ‘flavourful’ to pissaladiere? Maybe not! But the French do. Pissaladiere is a bread tart. Yes, it is food. Something to be consumed and not excreted out.


If you are smirking right now, then you must hold the naughty horse of your mind. But don’t get too excited or apprehensive. It’s just a game. Not the kind of game you think. It’s a simple game of Hide and Seek. At least for the 17th century Scots, it was.


Urdu is such a beautiful language. The poetries, phrases, even simple conversations sound so deep and heart-warming. From there comes the word ‘mehboob’. It means a lover or beloved. Not the kind of vibes you get when you first encounter this word.

Hope you have some additions made to your vocabulary, however, funny they seem to be. The diversity of languages across the globe is amazing, and they are hilarious too. So, just keep playing with the words.

- Vrishti Nadkarni