Just A Skirt Away – Office Head Turner To Party Popper

Have you guys ever thought of styling one pair of clothing in 2 different ways such that it looks completely different each time you wear it?
If you have tried but couldn’t understand how, and even if you haven’t, we’re going to style one simple beige coterie skirt and take it from a day to night look.

First Look:
Its a formal look for office purpose or for any where you need to dress up formally. So  we paired the skirt with a Maroon colored shirt to give it a subtle color pop which we bought a year back from Lifestyle, to make it an office look, not doing it the boring way.
We bought these beige heels from South-Ex going absolutely with this outfit. Wearing a belt is completely optional.
This look is a very simple which anybody can carry easily and feel confident and smart. You don’t have to worry about anything while carrying this look because this look is very simple yet very classy.
After all, who doesn’t want to be an absolute head turner in the office!?

Lets have a look at the pictures – 





Outfit Details :
Bag – Hermès Birkin
Skirt – Lifestyle
Shirt – Lifestyle
Shoes – South-Ex. (South-Ex is one of the local markets of New Delhi and they’ve have amazing shoe showrooms. So if you are not a Delhi-ite and you come to Delhi, you gotta come here).


Second look:
Need to go for a party immediately after office but don’t have the time to change?
We’re here to help you guys out!
All you need to make this office look into a party look is this sequined knot shirt which we bought from Sarojini Nagar (shopper’s heaven).
You can never go wrong with bags and accessories, right girls?
We paired the dress with this brown bag and this beautiful handcuff bought from ‘Fashion Police – India’
This is the perfect look for any evening parties. The knot t-shirt adds a bling to this earthy toned skirt.
Lets have a look at the pictures – 



Outfit Details: 

T-Shirt – Sarojini Nagar
Shoes – Sarojini Nagar
Handcuff- Fashion Police India


We hope you liked this and will give it a thumbs up and try the looks for your different purposes.