Fashion Blogging – Bhumika Mewati

Greetings to all!

We at Barclet Magazine work all our days in and out to bring to you the contemporary talents from all over the world. For our Fashion blogging section, Bhumika Mewati will be on board with us, heading the fashion blogging section as a permanent member of the magazine.

That’s not all. The fact is that she’s eighteen (Yes, just eighteen!) and already a fashion sensation. We’ve never heard of younger cop (fashion policing). She’s an incredible person and we personally like her style statement – KEEP IT SIMPLE.

As it’s a general phenomenon for girls, especially from the Delhi University, to get out into the world like you own it (Not to type casting any one here). So yes, while we love our ZARA and Forever21, we equally adore Sarojini, Janpath, and Lajpatnagar. They are our lifelines.

Bhumika believes that one should cut the clatter and do away with the unnecessary bling, be comfortable, be elegant. A funk, a punk whatever it maybe.

There is always a vision about how people see themselves and this girl, she sees big dreams big. As to what she would like to revive from the past is her mother’s wardrobe (We’d so love that we could wear sari to college without any specific occasion and not be judged). Saris are the sexiest clothing and she completely agrees to the fact. There is so much more to this lovely person we got to tell. Longing makes the heart fonder. We leave you with a fragrance of hers to linger on till you find her new works online.