Twin Telepathy

All twins have an association with their twin sibling. Twin telepathy is the point at which one twin can "survey the thinking or emotions" of the other one without the other twin giving any signs. Through telepathy, a twin can sense what the other twin is thinking or feeling, regardless of the possibility that they are not in the same spot. It goes about as an "intuition" between the twins.

    Twin telepathy has been seen for a very long time and therefore, it has been stereotyped. Numerous individuals consider it to be a supernatural power that permits twins to anticipate each other's personalities alongside other odd forces. Telepathy, for the most part, happens when one of the twins is facing "a time of anger or pain", as appeared in numerous individual stories. These are times, for example, desperate circumstances, or other vital occasions in a man's life. Telepathy is understood to be something magical that the regular individual could never encounter.

    Researchers have many stories of documented twin telepathy as well. Let’s discuss some of them.

  1. Once upon a time, an old lady was  one of the identical twins and moved to New York from India, while her twin stayed in India. One day, she had a terrible pain in one of her arms. The other family members took her to the hospital but the doctors couldn’t find any problem in her arm. A few days later, she got a letter from her twin saying she had fallen and broken an arm - the same one, that the old lady  had felt the pain in.
  2. In one of the twin telepathy stories, a kid was young, he was learning how to skate when he fell down and hit his head hard on the ice. He immediately went to doctors and had a few stitches on his eyebrow glued shut. Once it injury healed, there was a scar left behind on the kid's face. About two weeks later, he was looking at his twin brother and noticed that he had also developed a scar on the same eyebrow. His sibling had never got any sort of injury in the face or did anything to get that scar but somehow, it just showed up.

All the stories tell us how telepathy works and happens to  the other twin partner.


Twin telepathy has been seen for a very long time and thus has been questioned and stereotyped. Individuals see twin telepathy as powers between twins that permit them to know each other's contemplations and know precisely what the other twin is thinking and feeling. In any case, this is not what twin telepathy truly is. Twin telepathy is literally, twins having the capacity to sense how the other twin is feeling at a certain point of time.

- Dimple Wadhwa