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Age is just a number and it can never limit your goals. As some people take age as a liability and keep pushing their goals away, they are just stopping themselves from following their own dreams. But not all restrain themselves from doing so, some are there in the world who never ignore what they want, never shy away their thoughts, never feel the barrier of age and always knew what they wanted at a very young age. One such live example is, Saloni Jain, from Runway by Saloni, a seventeen year old young star, who is trying day and night to make big in the industry. When you do something out of the way, out of the usual, you have to face the unusual. Amidst all her studies, partying out with friends, and choosing something as a career option, she always knew what she loves when she was in seventh grade.

“I knew I admired fashion when I used to roam around in my house in my mother’s heels, wait for the glossy magazines which the postman used to drop every month, the pages shining with oh-so-many clothes”, says Saloni.

She knew it just then, she wanted to design them, she wanted to redefine fashion, invent fashion and her fashion blog is just a step towards it. She has never been too girly, she likes to wear skirts and dresses but she admires the smart suits and pants the most, according to her women look more responsible and elegant in those, so you will find more of pants and formals on her blog. She believes in the saying that, one should always do what they love, you might be having the most wanted life but it all comes down to what you love.

Moving on with our questionnaire, we asked her the following questions:

What’s the story behind your blog’s title?

“Well, I am sure we all aware of how models walk on the runway, with their heads high with confidence and utter elegance, I believe you don’t really have to be on a ‘runway’ to feel like you are on it.”

As you’re a blogger, do you also create your own trend and style? If yes, what are they?

“Well, I do try to create my own trends, I love experimenting with whatever i have in my wardrobe, and mostly it’s with accessories. If you really think, you can actually use one piece of accessory in more than 5 ways!”

How would you describe your style?

“Just three words, ‘Sophisticated yet fashionable’.”

Who inspires your wardrobe and why?

“I take in the styles from around me, the magazines, the designers and their collections. Then I create my own original style, similar to the others, but with my own flair and uniqueness.”

What are your favourite blogs and why?

“My favourite blog is The Snob Journal, I love how Aashna has maintained her vibes and her work is class apart. Her simplicity inspires me and that you can make your own space in this blogging industry.”

Any advice for anyone who wants to start his/her own blog?

“Do not lose hope and work hard, your work will be noticed. My brother once asked me – ‘Why would somebody want to take out 15 minutes from their busy lives to open your blog?’ If you know the answer, you are on the right path.”

What are the best and hardest aspects of running your own blog?

“The best part is you have your own platform where you can experiment with fashion; you can show and change the stereotype thinking of people towards fashion and bloggers. The hardest at least at my age is coping up with studies at the same time; it’s very hard to keep a balance between both without neglecting the other!”

What are your favourite places to shop?

“I am not an online shopper kind of a person; i cannot buy anything without trying it on and feeling its cloth. You will mostly find me in Zara and Mango, I believe more in quality than quantity.”

Are there any trends you’re inspired by this season?

“Fringes and Denim over Denim, they both are so modish and chic!”

What clothing items will you say is timeless?

“Everything associated with denim. Be it plain, patched, ripped or what so ever. Its comfortable, sexy and I have not own any other piece of fashion which is oh-so-versatile!”

What trend form the past would you like to a make comeback?

“Bell bottoms! They look so country like and cool! And with the palazzos in shops everywhere, I think the bell bottoms are almost here!”

Who are your favourite designers?

“Masaba Gupta and Shantanu & Nikhil”

What do you do when you’re not blogging?

“I am studying or reading my novels, the only thing which I miss is having so much time on my hands to read novels!”

By the end of the interview she gave a beautiful message for the readers:
“There are people I have met who are elder to me and still caught up in studies and their schedule to start on with something big but I never take my age as a privilege in this stream, I rather feel heart-warming when I am treated just like any other fashion blogger. I feel more responsible and capable. The industry is very welcoming and very inspiring, you never feel like a newbie in an unfamiliar place. I am massively grateful to people who follow my blog and feel my work is worth commenting or even messaging me and above all immensely grateful to my parents and friends for being so motivating whenever I am on a down key, I could not be more blessed.”

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses – Promod
Neck piece and Rings – Aldo
Watch – Guess
Bag – The Shoe Garage, Shahpurjat
Shoe Clip – Steve Madden
Heels – Charles & Keith
Top & Skirt – Zara

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– Kritika Bhardwaj