The Goodly Bad Habits

Shocked? Well in this article we bring those 5 habits that are very common among our generation and are actually very good for us in some way or the other. Read the following article to know more about these habits. Who knows the list might have one of your bad habits for which you might be beating yourself up to get rid of it but now you could consider not giving it up because your parents had somehow been wrong about these 8 bad habits. So here it goes.

1. Biting Your Nails

It is said to be a bad habit because we all know our hands are covered with dirt and thus biting of nails might lead to the introduction of germs into our body but doctors suggest that such an exposure of germs in our body is actually good since it can help increase our immunity system. BINGO!


2. Daydreaming

It is said to be a bad habit because we all think we should come out of our dream world and start living in the reality, but daydreaming can really be good for us because through daydreaming we maximize our goals and desires. Studies say, it is a method of problem-solving and that through day dreaming we can unconsciously sort a lot of our problems. So let us all daydream.

3. Giving in to your craving

Elders say if we give in to our cravings it shows our weak self-control, also constantly giving into your craving might affect your health. But giving into them every once in a while might lift up your mood and make you happy. It might actually work as a therapy for you. In fact, keeping too many restrictions on your diet might show a certain amount of deficiency of nutrients in your diet.


4. Losing your temper

It is considered to be a bad habit because it is not good for our social life since nobody likes to hang out with a person who cannot keep his/her calm. But studies suggest that if we vent out our anger and all the feelings that build up inside us, we can actually avoid being in stress and feel better. Keeping it all inside makes you peevish and moody. I personally believe that as far as people around you are concerned, you should not worry about them a lot since somebody who wants to stick to your side will do that no matter what.

5. Skipping a Shower.

Well, this one is a bad habit as elders say we feel fresher after a shower and thus should not skip it, However, the fact of the matter is daily shower can strip your skin of the essential naturally generating oils that keep your skin hydrated so, missing a shower once in a blue moon is not that bad an idea. Though you should choose a day when you do not have to work a lot, i.e. when you will probably sweat less.

- Vani Matta