The Layman’s Guide To Shoes

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We have to address this issue right here right now. As much as we Indian men love to look suave and presentable all times, some of us (read MANY) tend to ignore the fundamental part of any outfit and foundation of any wardrobe, the SHOES.  You can have an amazing outfit on but by choosing the wrong pair of shoes, you can take a potential style opportunity and turn it into a style liability. #accountantPun
Growing up, my father taught me the two ways a man is judged on the first meeting, a firm handshake and his choice of footwear. Doesn’t matter if it’s a job interview or your first date, if you’re hoping for approval from a prospective employer or potential girlfriend, you’re probably not going to get it when they glance down to see a rather sad-looking pair of battered old clogs. You need shoes that will get you from the office desk to dinner date, but also something to wear on your casual weekends or tootling around the city.

Now we know having quality pairs of shoes is essential for your wardrobe, question arises “which ones to buy?” There is no dearth of the kinds of shoes out there but it is not necessary that you’ll have to break the bank or have a dozen pairs of shoes, leave that to nutjobs like me. You can start by acquiring these must have classics which will probably never go out of fashion and build up your shoe collection gradually.

So let’s start with arguably the most important investment of all: YOUR SHOES

The Black Dress Shoe

All shoe collections should be built around a solid black leather dress shoe.
They’re perfect for formal occasions and will rock with that black tux for the party or the charcoal slim-fit suit you have for work. You’ll wear them quite often at the office and other occasions so opt for quality leather shoe which is comfortable too.


While buying these, keep your hands off the clunky square toed shoes, they’re bland and ugly also stay the hell away from the long pointed monstrosities, they just look ridiculous.
Go for something timeless like Brogues (pictured), Monkstraps, Oxfords or Derby.

Baller Picks:


The White Low-top

This is a Swiss army knife of a shoe and one of the most versatile item in a man’s wardrobe while being the most stylist too. Styling them is effortless; you can wear these with ANYTHING (almost). Rock them with your favorite denims, khakis, shorts or even a goddamn suit.

Less is More with white sneakers . Minimalist design, low tops with clean cuts and clear lines.
Although cloth is cool and manageable, look out for leather and synthetic materials while buying as it makes the white pop out.

Baller Picks:

The Brown Leather Brogue

It is another versatile weapon in the arsenal, although for more formal occasions. They’re easy to dress up and dress down too, from formal to smart-casual and will look great with many hues you own, especially grey and navy.
Be it tan, coffee brown or chestnut, a pair of brown leather brogues will fit perfect into your wardrobe and team well with plenty of outfit combinations.

Budget picks:


The Leather Lace-Up Boot

Let’s get real okay? Every man in the world needs a good pair of boots. Remember that pair of old scuffed, jeans that fits you perfectly? Yeah, you need a quality pair of boots to go with them!
Although there are various types of boots, something classic like a lace up boot offers particularly good value for money as it is a style that will live through trends as well as lend itself to dressing up or down – teaming equally well with tailored trousers during the working week as with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on the weekend. Just fold up your dark denims for a casual look or let your trousers fall down perfectly on them.

Pro-tip: Leather-soled military-style ones are ideal. They’re like dress shoes, only a hell of a lot tougher. When choosing boots, try to go with brown as it gives more personality and edge than black ones.




Boat Shoes

The boat shoe is the ultimate casual for men of all ages during the summer. They have a nautical design along with an ageless appeal with all the typical spring/summer credentials. It pairs with shorts in a way few leather shoes can, and looks equally sharp with a pair of jeans, corduroys, or chinos. The boat shoe is the well-dressed man’s slippers. It will easily take you to the beach, the pool, fancy brunch, plus a million places slippers shouldn’t go and the best part is they’re super comfortable too.
Pro-tip: Tans and browns are timeless but you’re free to play to play with colors.


The Everyday Sneaker

Well, this one won’t need much justification. We have to do stuff other than being suave at the office and on the dates. Men have to take care of the chores, walk the dog, commute or do just about anything else when you don’t want to wear dressy shoes. You can wear these on the grass, in the metro, dusty pavements or nonexistent roads without worrying about ruining them.

Picks: Anything ranging from Vans, Puma, Adidas or Nike, whichever you find comfortable enough to ponder around in.


Let me clear the air, I am not a fashion stylist. I am just a clumsy accountant who happens to have an unhealthy affection towards shoes. I just can’t resist hoarding shoes. Also, this is more of wake up call for the ignorant herd rather than some fancy fashion blog and focuses on the basics instead of the ubiquitous fashion trends. So, guys invest in quality shoes and you’ll end up saving the money you will spend on buying the cheaper shoes more often.

Take good care of your shoes and they will last longer than most relationships.

– Pratham Tyagi

(This blogger is a certified basketcase who loves to read (and apparently writes content for peanuts). His penchant of cars, shoes and FOOD<3 drives him to launder money for people (sshhh…). He is waiting to retire with a bunch of cars so he won’t have to wear pants no more, also he is writing the bio in third person.)

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