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The human body is the most excellent work of art. Every piece of the puzzle needs to be put together to actualize a beautiful creativity and the matchless apparel to drape on it has definitely been fashion timelessly since ages because fashion isn’t just about how we dress or move about, it’s in the air around you and the ambience which brings alive your existence. But defining a fashion statement isn’t all about picking up the random red dress in your wardrobe and pairing it up with some vague color of heels, it’s about expressing the person you really are beneath the amount of skin that we humans are made of and being the model of your thoughts. But to not leave you even at the slightest state of depression, we have Style Destino to your rescue right here with us.

Although finance was her first preference when it came to choosing her career as her whole family has been into finance. She always loved fashion. She is a post graduate in Finance and Investments from Nottingham University, UK after her graduation with a major in finance from England.

When she discovered blogging in 2006 while studying in UK, it was quite intriguing and exciting at the same time. Back then, there were barely any fashion bloggers in India. The whole concept of blogging was very exciting and it looked like an opportunity to finally follow her passion for vegan fashion and Style Destino was born eventually.

On being questioned about the story behind her blog, she counts back to 2007 when her venture of blogging had just started with a general fashion blog that offered style tips and fashion trends update, focusing on vegan fashion was really unheard of. The name ‘Style Destino’ just came up with a simple idea to create a destination for vegan style and if she had to describe her style, it would always be evolving and she would describe it as ‘experimental’. Initially she refrained herself from taking risk and stuck to classy and serious – button down t-shirts, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and blazers. But since the moment she started engaging into fashion, there wasn’t looking back.

Today, she might be wearing skinny jeans, white button down and a pair of heels with blazer, tomorrow she would walk down confidently, colour blocking with a yellow skirt, pink top and red shoe, she loves taking risks, and now she exposes herself to different experiments in her wardrobe too and according to her, fashion is a wonderful form of expressing yourself. As a fashion blogger she gets the opportunity to be a different woman each day, and the best trend she thinks is the ability to showcase one’s mood on the outside through their attire. Having said that, currently she loves long sleeveless blazers and her vegan Stella McCartney’s bags as they never go out of style.

I admire those woman for their personal style who really have made a difference in the world of fashion with their uniqueness, elegance, boldness and creativity that exudes in their personal style. Take for example Stella McCartney, not only has she made ethical desirable to women across the world with her vegetarian fashion line, she has also made women’s everyday need extremely chic with her stylish yet comfortable and super practical suits. Then, there are others like Jacqueline Kennedy, Olivia Palermo and Miraslava Duma (this petite fashionista broke the stereotype that only tall women can rule the fashion world).” she says.

She absolutely loves Style Bubble, it’s not only a fashion blog but sort of a specialized encyclopedia of fashion with really clever and humorous take on the serious aspect of fashion with reviews of upcoming designers and their collections and great pictures. Other fashion blogs that are on her roll include Wendy’s look-book, Karla’s closet, Helena Bordan and Manrepeller.

When it comes down to shopping, she loves doing it online. Apart from that Farfetch, Asos, Kurt Geiger and Shopbop are her absolute favorites.  She lives in between Dubai and Mumbai and loves shopping at Bloomimgdales, Karen, Millen and Zara. She also loves Topshop, Banana Republic and loft as they have great styles in petite size.

Moving on with our questionnaire, we asked her the following questions –

What clothing item will you say is ‘timeless’?

White shirt, blue jeans and impeccably tailored blazer, a classic watch, a dress that can go from day to night, a pair of heeled pumps and a few key pieces of gold jewelry are timeless. These are my go to pieces whenever I am not sure what to wear.

What trend of the past will you like to have a comeback?

The trends that we thought were dead have all made a comeback, whether it is 50s, 60s, 70s or the 90s. I am specially enjoying the 90s crop tops, and 70s flared pants and fringes. I still have to get the latter in my wardrobe.

What do you do when you are not blogging?

When I am not blogging, I am probably crunching numbers and reviewing portfolios of my clients as a wealth manager. I love reading and writing. I also contribute to vegan fashion

Who are your favorite designers?

Ah! This is constantly changing but currently the designers I am a fan of are Philip Lim, Stella Jean, Stella McCartney and Tom Ford (I wish I can afford it one day). Back home, I absolutely love Shantanu and Nikhil, Nikhil Thampi, Sourabh Kant Shrivastava, Outhouse (jewelry) and Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna.

In the end of our conversation, she had a sincere advice to all the aspiring bloggers –

“Be yourself but do it because you love it. Write for yourself and let there be a story or message behind every post of yours. For pretty pictures there is highheelconfidential.”

There are no rules when it comes to blogging, work hard and don’t expect success to come overnight, at the same time don’t let success, money and free stuff be your motivation to start a blog. Most importantly, stay creative and think what is unique about your style or approach and focus on it and when it comes to the aspect of blogging she loves writing and she is very passionate about vegan fashion, health and vegan travel. Style Destino gives her the opportunity to share with the world and people in every nook and cranny of this globe, her views and thoughts. “When people message me that they stopped using leather or have bought a vegan bag after reading my blog, it makes me really happy”, she says.

Being a blogger is an all encompassing role, you are always on the job even when you are at office (someone who is not a full time blogger). I wouldn’t really call it the hardest part but today being a blogger, it’s a big challenge to distinguish yourself  and not just be another and everyone with and a camera or phone, even without  any knowledge of fashion or styling is venturing into fashion blogging, lured by the free stuff and popularity. They don’t have a true concept and everyone is doing the same thing. I feel having a blog doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a blogger as it takes a lot of time, personal effort, research and knowledge to be a real blogger and doing this is a huge challenge.

So, bloggers and fashionistas buckle up NOW. You are just a click away from this amazing personality. Go ahead and experience a new sensation of fashion, you wouldn’t want to see a comeback.

– Sarojinee Chakraborty

Outfit Details – Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna Jacket, Mango Bag, 7 FOR ALL MANKIND Jeans, Zara shirt and shoes.

Outfit Details – Topshop White Shirt, Cotton On Striped Skirt, Steve Madden Shoes, H&M Hat and Charles and Keith Handbag

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