Your Style Guide – Emma Bonneaud

A statement, not just style, felicitous for all sizes and people of all ages. An art of personal expression, an ornament for your charismatic self, as rightly stated by Rachel Zoe, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. This is where fashion lies and elegance clubbed with fashion is the only beauty that never fades. Every time you ponder upon which attire to pick, you sit jumbled for hours and still end up wearing apparels which do not escalate you at all. That is the moment we wonder to ourselves and wish this endless exploration could get a bit more effortless.

And guess what? You are at the right place for that! You wouldn’t really have to worry about choosing the perfect attire for any occasion anymore because we have Emma Bonneaud to your rescue. And she is your guide to becoming the show stopper of the night.

All the way from Paris, Emma lent her esteemed time to our magazine and we couldn’t be more thankful to her. Before we started off with her sojourn of blogging, she acquainted us about the story behind her blog title – All I Need Is Clothes. She said she really wished to have something original and relatable to what she speaks about – fashion and travel. So, to be precise precise, it doesn’t really have a fable to start with but just goes on. When quizzed about the best trend this season, she looks forward to thick and long coats in the colours of autumn which could be beige, brown, black and so on but at the same time she loves fabricating her own style by discovering trends and mixing them. For example, she cuts old and original tights (diamond, transparent) and wears them with socks, under sandals in low shoes to show them.

We ended up with a short yet sweet interview with her, following up with the questions that gravely needed answers.

How would you describe your style?

“I shall describe my style as a blend of vintage, chic and casual with original pieces.”

Who inspires your wardrobe and why?

“I am not only inspired by a few fashion bloggers as Alex Closest, Song of style. Sincerely Jules, Camile Over The Rainbow but also of personalities like sisters Oisen (which have perfect style), Alexa Chung and so on.”

What are your some of your favourite fashion blogs and why?

“I follow Alex Closet and Camile Over The Rainbow a lot because i really like their style. I don’t have preferences. I love discovering blogs.”

Are there any trends that have inspired you this season?

“The trends of this season which inspire me are the long coats, jackets in faux fur, the stitch, cups oversized, and vinyl matter.”

Which trend from the past will you like to make a comeback?

“I shall like the trend of vinyl matter to return but witnessing it be one of the trending wears this autumn makes me really happy.”

Celine, Chloe, Kenzo, Martin Margiela, and Jacquemus being her favourite designers, she believes fashion keeps her connected to the entire world and she would like to thank her blog which paved her way to great meetings, collaborations with Marks Brand which looks forward to her to share her outfits and discuss it with her followers and these constitute the best aspects of being a blogger. Apart from being an efficient shopper in second-hand clothing outlets, Zara, Mango, H&M, Asos and the reformation, she looks forward to a perfecto and a pair of sneakers as timeless outfits to carry.

When not blogging, Emma likes going out with her friends, going shopping at her favourite stores, taking long walks, going for movies, creating photos and so on. In the end, if anyone wants to take up blogging as a career, here are Emma’s words of wisdom for them – “First of all it’s necessary to have an original name for your blog, something which reflects you and your thoughts. And it is of utmost importance to have enough time to write, make photos, take care of the blog and be regular on it. The context should be just enough to make people fall in love with your creativity and thoughts.”

So, people who have been feeling helpless so far when deciding about what to wear, don’t wait any longer. Follow Emma Bonneaud and her ‘All I Need Is Clothes’ blog. We bet you wouldn’t regret it!

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