For The Love Of Fashion – Shraddha Gurung

Every morning, as you wake up to yet another beautiful day, you sit upright and question yourself “What is your key to happiness?”

None of the answers that your mind apprehends could be more gratifying than the allurement your wardrobe does with fashion as the armour to survive the reality of everyday life and Audrey Hepburn couldn’t be more right when he stated ‘happy girls are the prettiest’.

Each day is a fashion show and the world is our runway. Rummaging for fashion online through millions of sites, it’s pretty easy to fall deep down an ocean and when you finally look up from your phone, after two hours of intense research, you still end up in your pyjamas and t-shirt.

But you know what? We have the perfect person to your aid.

We bring to you Shraddha Gurung, who could be your definite guide to a kickass fashion statement. Let’s have a quick sneak-peek into her life.

“I’ve always loved playing dress up and getting clicked. I used to receive a lot of compliments in school and college about my dressing sense. People used to ask me where I get my clothes from and I used to get really happy with all the appreciation I got. I loved getting creative with things; be it clothes or pen and paper. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in English Literature from Delhi University and I aspire to become a creative director in an advertising firm. But I have always wanted more from life and fashion just had to be a part of it. I came across a lot of fashion bloggers on Instagram and I watched Bethany Mota’s videos for a gazillion times, and all that started inspiring me so much. I wanted to do the same in my own way and make my mark in this world. So I thought a lot and as a tester started uploading my outfit pictures. The response that I got was overwhelming and now it’s been two months, and I still think it’s a dream”.

Apart from being pretty active on Facebook, Instagram, handling Repose and Wooplr, she has a fad for monochrome, midis, all things 70s and denim on denim making these her favourite trends. She believes these are timeless.

The story behind her blog title “lilmissgurung” constitutes that she has always wanted a very distinctive identity for her blog which is very exclusive at the same time. “When I first thought of putting my thoughts into action, this was the first thing that came into my mind. This was my Instagram name and people started recognising and addressing me with it. That was the moment I knew, the name was making its mark and so I decided to continue with it,” she says.

She likes keeping her style simple and minimalist yet classy and sophisticated and considers Bethany Mota as her idol which inspires her wardrobe and she couldn’t be more grateful to her.

Her favourites include:

Blonde salad by Chiara Ferragni because WHO DOESN’T LOVE HER?

Mariposa Love by Natasha Shrotri because she is so gorgeous and her style is like a breath of fresh air.

Thesnobjournal by Aashna Shroff because she is so cute and her style is very distinctive and original.

Diipa Khosla’s blog because she is drop dead gorgeous and her dressing sense inspires her every day.

Aakriti Rana’s La Chica Loca, Thrifts and Threads, Mawis vintage and many more.

She believes, the best part of blogging is that people start looking up to you that you have a distinctive identity and your opinion matters. While this is the best aspect of blogging, it is also the hardest. Keeping up with your audience’s expectations gets very difficult while managing college side by side. Completing pending shoots, planning each and every post can be very tiring but it’s fun at the same time.

As we know ‘people who say money doesn’t matter, surely didn’t know how to shop’, Shraddha’s favourite places to shop are Sarojini Nagar (Incense, specifically), Forever21, stalkbuylove and a few more online stores, and a perfectly fitted LBD, black blazer and a crisp white shirt/blouse are ageless for her to carry.

According to her there is no trend in particular that she would want to make a comeback into the society but fashion repeats itself and she is really happy with the current ongoing trend.

Next, when we scrolled down to designers, she had no favourites as when it comes down to fashion she likes them all.

Moving on to her leisure time, she loves spending time by reading or hogging around with her friends and family when she is not blogging. All of these keep her content.


In the end, we seeked for her advice to the upcoming bloggers and her piece of word to people who have the slightest ambition to be a successful blogger was to start off with their own blog and go for it being completely unafraid but well planned. They ought to take inspiration, think a lot and do their own thing that defines who they really are and everything else follows up naturally.

So people! What are you waiting for? Buzz yourself with some amazing fashion statements. Go ahead and follow this gorgeous lady and experience a new world of fashion!

– Sarojinee Chakraborty

Outfit Details –

Maxi Dress – Forever21

Flats – Koovs

Earrings – Vintage

Hand accessories- Sarojini

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