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Those days are long gone when people used to buy books and magazines (or even take classes) to learn things. All you have to do nowadays is unlock your phone, click on the YouTube app and, hey presto, you have a whole wide world of DIY videos, guides, tutorials and what not to help you learn things like ‘how to build a treehouse?’ or ‘how to play a guitar?’ and in some cases ‘how to drive a car?’ (Trust me, it does not help!). Type in your query and it is almost guaranteed that someone, somewhere has made a video to help you out.

One such person is Scherezade ‘Sherry’ Shroff.


Fashion plays a huge part in one’s life. It is that one factor that can make or break your social life. And most people are very well prepared when it comes to fashion. But not everyone is born with the blessed talent of looking fabulous all the time. Enter Scherezade.

Fashion and beauty videos, makeup and hair tutorials, Sherry has the best tips on getting the perfect look for a particular occasion. And not just fashion. She also makes travel videos and fun challenges. A full time vlogger and an ex-model, Scherezade is one of the most famous Indian YouTubers out there.


She has collaborated with some of the biggest YouTubers, both in India and the world. Her collaborations with Superwoman – Lilly Singh and Stand-up comedian Kanan Gill are few of her most successful ones.


So? How did she get into vlogging?

“I used to work with a network that approached me while I was modelling. I started out as a text blogger but eventually started vlogging through the network’s YouTube channel. A few years back, I left the network and started my own channel. My videos are basically about my life. Everything from fashion, beauty and style tutorials to travel.”

Scherezade is just 29 years old and has already acquired a large number of subscribers who like to call themselves ‘Shroffers’. She’s a full time YouTuber and has studied law.

Define your YouTube channel in three simple words?

“My Life! Actually those are just two words but that’s what my channel is actually about. It’s about my life.”

How has it been working and collaborating with other YouTubers?

“It’s been a lot of fun collaborating with them! I believe every person has a different flavour, a different style and views. It is very interesting to collaborate with people and create a mix of thoughts and opinions. Also, a lot of people are not familiar with Indian creators so it a very new concept to them when they watch things like look-books or 3-minute challenges. Collaborations are basically two or more people from different cultures coming together and creating content that the audience might love. It also helps us step out of our safe-space. For example, my collaboration with Kanan was him doing my make-up which was a completely new thing for him.”


Any collaborations that are close to your heart?

“I don’t really have favourites. All the collaborations that I’ve done are very close to my heart and have been a lot of fun, be it with someone bigger or smaller than me. I like to team-up with people with similar mindset and views as me.”

The best aspects of having your own YouTube channel?

“I believe the best aspect of having a YouTube channel is that you are your own boss. You get to choose what you want to do every day or what kind of videos you want to put out there. The next thing is that as an independent creator, I shoot my videos, edit them myself, and reply to comments and messages on my own. And at the end of the day, I get an element of fulfilment. It’s a real open-ended relation that you cultivate with your viewers.”

And does it get harder in the long run?

“I wouldn’t say it gets hard. There are no bad aspects to YouTube. I guess most of it is somewhat dependant on your luck. Sometime it might happen that a person is working really hard and creating content that is very unique but it does not get as many views because it is not being picked up by the audience. I agree that a lot of work goes into creating videos but it also does depend on luck. You can’t just wake up one day and become famous YouTuber overnight. There are a lot of different factors that help in deciding your case.”


Any fashion trends that you follow or would like to follow in the future?

“I usually dress according to my mood and the places that I am travelling to so I do not follow any particular trends. I do like the ‘Sneaker’ trend that has come up recently. I mean I never used to wear sneakers but now I have a lot of them and I wear them frequently.”

Filming or Editing?

“Filming, definitely filming.”

Any advice for people who want to get onto YouTube?

“I would say don’t focus on the agenda of how to get famous or how to get more subscribers/views. Focus on creating content that you love. Eventually, if your content is good, you’ll get noticed.”

Any YouTuber crushes?

“No! I’m engaged. I have another YouTube channel with my fiancé Vaibhav Talwar. It’s called ‘Coupling!’.”


Moving on to a few light-hearted questions.

One question that you are asked most frequently?

“On how to get more subscibers!”

Favourite place to shop?

“In India, it would be Sarojini Nagar.”

What clothing item do you think is ‘timeless’?


And finally,

Your favourite TV show?

“Game of Thrones.”

Well, no surprises there.

Scherezade has more than 63K subscribers on YouTube and over 8 million views on her channel. She has come out as an inspiration to YouTubers on doing things that make us happy. And she is a life-saver when it comes to DIY fashion tips. Some might even call her the Queen of DIYs. We wish her a lot of success on her journey as a YouTuber.

– Aditya Ajay


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