La Chica Loca – Aakriti Rana

The story behind the name “La Chica Loca ”

– Akshada Rawat

‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’. Such is the story of La Chica Loca.

Graduating from Symbiosis University in Bcom. in banking and finance in 2013 and MBA from Lancaster University in 2015, in less than a year, she has over 80K followers on Instagram and a portfolio in collaboration with a number of international brands.

“Before all of this turned out to be professional, I used to follow a lot of fashion bloggers religiously and get very inspired by them. I realized I wanted to start blogging when I saw Shea Marie from traveling the world, doing photoshoots, collaborating with amazing big brands and starting her own line of clothes. I absolutely love her style and she has an impeccable taste in fashion. I used to religiously follow her and read all her posts. She is a model, a stylist and she even designs her own range of outfits/accessories. Her locations of shoot, her videos and photoshoots are mind blowing! Even now I look at her and get very inspired to do better and better”, she explains. This later developed into an interest out of inspiration from her.

This lead to an interest in trying out all sorts of outfits ranging from casual chic outfits to traditional lehengas. She selects outfits based on her style and whatever is currently trending in fashion.

Apart from this, she take suggestions from her followers very seriously and picks outfits that they want to see her in.

“I was very confused and scared while leaving my job for this but now I know that it was the best decision of my life.”, she says.

Her immense success in such short period of time mostly depends on her being very serious about blogging, working hard and posting new outfits as often as she can. She believes in doing quality work and having a connection with her fellow followers and readers. “I try to shoot with an outfit almost every day and give people something new every time.”

As she used to do modeling during her graduation in Pune and had won several titles, fashion always used to interest her. She started up putting photos of her daily outfits on Instagram and got a very good response from people. Her fan-base started growing and in no time she had 4k followers.

“Everyone wanted to see more than just one outfit picture and read all about my styling. Once my college got over, I started my blog as a part time hobby while working in an advertising firm. My blog picked up real quick and in just few months, my blog was published in several websites as one of the top blogs to follow”, explains Aakriti. After this there was no looking back for her. From being an Army officer’s daughter she became a sensation in the blogging word. Not just someone people can look up to, but someone who can inspire everyone.

She didn’t want the blog to be just about her fashion and style. Rather, she wanted something that defined her, a blog which is more about her and not just abouot the fashion she carries. Hence she came up with the name “La Chica Loca” which means “The Crazy Girl” in Spanish.

Outfit Details:-

Top: Olive Store, Pune

Skirt: Ebay

Aviators: Ray Bans

Heels: Metro

Bracelet: Promod

Bag: Forever 21


A Word With The Blogger.

1.Who inspis your wardrobe and why?

My wardrobe is mostly inspired by what is trending in fashion, what my followers of blog want me to wear and thirdly I pick most outfits based on comfort. Being a fashion blogger, I keep myself updated with current trends and pick outfits that will help me give my followers something new every time. I keep in mind what my followers are looking for and try to get outfits that they want to see me wearing. And lastly, comfort is most important to me. I look for outfits that are comfortable and can be work every day.

2.Any advice for anyone who wants to start her/his own blog?

Blogging is rapidly growing in India as a profession. There are a lot of people who are getting into blogging and doing really well. If you want to blog and do well, you need to be have a good sense of style that appeals to people, you need to be regular with your outfit posts and give people something new to look forward to every time.

3.What are the best aspects of running your own blog ? What are the hardest aspect?

I am my own boss. I feel lucky to have my passion as my profession. I have always loved fashion and I absolutely love what I do. Being my own boss, I can work according to my comfort level and I am free to take work only when I want to do it.

The hard aspect is managing the collaborations, numerous e-mails, photoshoots, coordination and follow ups. Blogging is not an easy job, there are a lot of things that we need to take care of before and after the pretty pictures go up on the blog.

4.What are your favourite places to shop. Are there any trends your inspired by this season?

I love shopping my everyday clothes from Forever 21, Zara and Promod. There are very few brands that I absolutely love and I stick to them for one thing or the other. My watches are always from Michael Kors, accessories mostly from Forever 21 and Jackets from Zara.

I love denim on denim the most this season. Apart from that I am crushing over gladiator shoes and anything with tassels.

5.What clothing items will you say are timeless?

I believe the most timeless pieces of clothing are a little black dress, white classic shirt, dark boot cut denims and black pumps.

6.According to you what is the best fashion trend which you like to carry?

My style is more inclined towards comfort. I love following fashion trends but I always make sure that I am comfortable. You would mostly see me wearing sneakers and I style my outfits in a way that sneakers go along with pretty delicate outfits too. I love wearing florals, crop tops, skater skirts and the current trend that I am obsessing over is denim on denim. I love wearing light denim shirts over dark jeans with wedge sneakers and statement necklaces.

7.What trend from the past will you like would make a comeback?

I loved the minimalistic trend form the 90’s. The sleek and neutral tones of simple and elegant pieces of clothing looked very alluring.

8.Who are your favourite designers?

I love the work of Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Gauri and Nanika and Anushree Reddy. I absolutely love the traditional Indian work of Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi. Apart from that I love the light and gorgeous floral lehengas and outfits from Anushree Reddy. And I highly admire Gauri and Nanika for their western gowns.

9.What do you do when you’re not blogging?

I am either learning photography, listening to music, watching sitcoms or hanging out with my friends.


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