The Best BB Cream For A Perfect glow

A comparison between:

  1. Fair and Lovely BB cream
  1. Garnier BB cream
  1. Maybelline BB cream
  1. Ponds BB cream

It’s neither advisable nor possible to wear makeup each and every day. The ‘selfie’ trend has taken a toll everywhere and if you want look good every time you take picture without makeup, just use BB creams for that flawless skin. Basically, BB cream is a blend of foundation and fairness cream; also referred to as Beauty Benefit cream. This is a good option for achieving perfect makeup glow with just one cream every day. So here I am reviewing the top BB cream brands in India. I will be covering some main points including the price; coverage; moisturisation, SPF, etcetera for you to choose the cream which is perfectly suitable for your skin type. So let’s get started!

Starting with the first BB cream i.e.; Fair and Lovely BB cream

  • It retails INR 49 for 9 grams and INR 79 for 18 grams; therefore making it the cheapest BB cream in the Indian market
  • Color: nude shade type; well fair and lovely offers its BB cream in just one shade and it might not suit many of the Indian skin tones and for the darker skin tones this cream is a total NO NO. You might look a little bit made up if you are using this cream.
  • Smell: fruity smell; it comes with the fair and lovely fragrance.
  • SPF: 15; which is a good thing, thus this creams provides you sun protection along with the foundation look. Total plus point from my side.
  • It claims to provide coverage for scars and blemishes; but it provides very little coverage. If you have a little bit of dark circles along with no major blemishes and marks you can go for it. But for the ones who are seeking a cream to cover up their dark marks and after pimples spots, this cream provides zero coverage for them.
  • It also claims to provide a matt look and non-oily feel; truly speaking after its application it draws out all the oil from your skin making it super dry. So if you are having a dry skin then stay away from it, you might feel too stretchy with your skin and absolutely de-moisturized.  In sensitive skin, it might irritate and cause outbreaks and pimples.
  • For oily skin, you might want to use it as a primer for your makeup, still I would suggest you to apply a good amount of moisturizer before doing so.
  • All in all, I would like to say that this cream makes the skin dry and lacks coverage.


Next cream in the lineup is Maybelline Clear Glow BB cream

  • It retails INR 199 for 18ml; which is a bit expensive as compared to the other products in the list.
  • Color: It comes with three shades; the most perfect shade to suit the basic Indian tone is NUDE 01. It blends in nicely into the skin due to its light texture and thus is easy to apply.
  • Smell: It’s a very flowery smell; which goes away after some time.
  • SPF: 21; its gives more sun protection as compared the fair and lovely, hence making it a better choice over it especially in summers.
  • It claims to conceal flaws, blemishes and redness. Well after its application you will get a light coverage which is more or less apt for everyday usage. It also brightens up the skin and give a good non oily look which does not look like a white cast.
  • One good point in it is that it resists sweat and sebum for 5 hours which makes it last long, even after hours of application.
  • It moisturizes skin upto 8 hours.
  • It has one major flaw, that it costs a bit high as compared to other BB creams in the market. The amount of cream you will get in the packaging won’t last more than 20-25 days if used everyday.
  • All in all I would say it a good cream, perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. Retails a bit more, comes in different shades and gives a apt coverage for daily use.

Next is, Garnier BB cream:

  • It retails INR 99 for 18ml, making it affordable and cheap.
  • Color: it comes in only one shade which is suitable to blend into all skin tones.
  • Smell: it has citrus smell which is very refreshing.
  • SPF: 24; good option to choose in summers.
  • It claims to even out skin tone and cover up blemishes, but it does not provides high coverage. I can say it gives an enough coverage if you have a good behaving skin, otherwise it is not good for a blemish problem people. It gives a daily effortless makeup look with very low coverage.
  • Texture of New Garnier BB Cream is a very creamy and easily spreads on skin. Because of runny consistency it gets absorb easily.
  • It doesn’t moisturize upto a higher level. So oily people will love this and dry people needs moisturizer layer under it.
  • All in all I would say New Garnier BB Cream gives a light to dewy glow coverage. So this BB cream is perfect for those who loves minimum makeup look. This New Garnier BB Cream is a good product for oily skin as compare to dry skin.

And now it’s time for my favorite cream i.e.; Ponds BB cream:

  • It retails INR 125 for 18ml.
  • Color: natural cover; comes in only one shade but it beautifully blends into all skin tones.
  • Smell: The fragrance is the same boring ‘ponds fairness cream’.
  • SPF:  30; highest amongst the other products mentioned.
  • It claims to give coverage to blemishes and marks which it successfully fulfils. After its application it completely gets absorbed by the skin and gives a flawless skin. Thereby giving the best coverage. Thumbs up from my side.
  • Texture is very light and can be easily applied on a daily basis.
  • It moisturizes the skin very well and is very smooth, hence it is apt for both oily and dry skin.
  • All in all, I would like to say it is a perfect BB cream according to me, and I would like to give brownie points from my side to the packaging which makes it sleek and travel friendly.



– Kritika Bhardwaj