India International Trade Fair

Sunny morning, clear weather and the grandest event hosted by India – Trade Fair, all things fell in place. Team Barclet visited Pragati Maidan and with this article we will be presenting you the aura and essence of Trade Fair. This event brings about different states and their cultures together under one platform. As we entered Trade Fair, Modi’s : Make In India symbols and banners grabbed our attention.

Union territories, their pavilion was the first one we got our cameras on. Starting from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the most eye catching part in the whole pavilion was the Cellular Jail’s model which was kept at the entrance of the pavilion. Not to forget that Trade Fair not only depicts the cultures of the Indian states but also focused on foreign countries.

As we were moving forward, we found ourselves standing infront of India’s prime neighborhood, Pakistan. Agal Interprise was the shop which showcased limestone made showpieces which were said to found only in the land of Pakistan.


Pakistan’s stalls majorly depicted the suits, dupattas and amazing embroidery work on them. Another neighbor which was present was Bangladesh, homeland of Bengalis’. In contrast to Pakistan, Bangladesh was more inclined towards Bengali silk sarees. Sweet shops were also present in the pavilion, as Bengali’s famous sweet dish is Rasgulla, we could see many shops selling the same.

Then, we went to the much talked about Saras, which gave a holy note to the event as it started with the statues of Saraswati Maa, Ganesha, Krishna and other Gods and Goddesses. Basically Saras, depicted small stalls from every state emphasizing their best aspect. Starting from Punjab, we saw stalls selling showpieces and winechine. Rajasthan selling footwear, the typical mojaris it is famous for. Uttar Pradesh was all about terracotta showpieces while Orissa was all about suits and women clothing. New state Telengana also participated will full zeal and huge carpets were seen in the stalls. Statement Jewelry, Ghaghra Choli, household décor, wraparounds, wooden toys, coffee, motion toys and archery were the highlights of Saras which were depicted by Haryana, Gujarat, Assam, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Kerala and Rajasthan respectively.