How To Celebrate A Better And Different Diwali?

The deity of all festivals for Hindus in India is considered to be the Diwali. It has a way with everyone to connect, share and celebrate the triumph of truth. Diwali is celebrated around the country and the globe including NRI’s irrespective of their religion. Different sects come together to witness the aroma of victory and indulge in a healthy conversation building a relationship which has its roots into the unknown. Commemorating the advancement of Lord Ram in Lanka and returning back from the battle after victory is the essence of this festival. People have holistic view towards the preparation where every house is lit-up with lights and diya’s. Every festival comes with different means of enjoyment and entertainment and Diwali being at the peak of it. Some ways to celebrate a better & different Diwali are:-
Synchronizing the happiness with neighbour’s
Celebrating any festival in isolation or with own’s family can never content us and our conscience. We must reach out to our neighbours and the locality people to share the sense of belongingness and ultimate happiness which comes through bonding with the uncounted wishes. Diwali is a festival to enlarge our social circle. We can visit the houses of our acquaintances with gifts or sweets, adding color to the festival. Also, we may invite our extended family members or locality people to our houses so as to arrange a proxy get-together which is carried through several greetings etc.

Reaching out to every unreachable person We must never forget those people who have had played a crucial role in our life, whether big or small. Remembering them and others on this auspicious occasion will add icing to the cake. Prepare a Diwali message before hand (never copy paste it from Google) and try sending it through text, avoid WhatsApp. Also, give a call to your close one’s and relatives including our gurus and mentors because every wish counts and every blessing pocketed adds to our good deeds. Its better late than never, so we must not avoid wishing someone if we have crossed the deadline. Diwali stretches its arms to a 2 day affair and hence we can reach out to every unreachable person.

Enlightening the house through Diya’s Tubelight’s, bulbs & CFL’s we use them everyday but here we have a festival whose USP is spreading light of awareness, joyfulness & truthfulness. We can avoid the use of artificial lightning’s for a day and focus on enlightening our house through Diya’s, Candles, Lamp stands, Hanging chandeliers, Pedestal chandeliers. Also, decorating the house with a designing Rangoli might be an added bonus. We must ensure that every corner of the house is lit-up under the lights of Diya and the darkness has gone out from our lives & houses as well.

Celebrating a pollution free Diwali Exploding crackers on Diwali has become the stamp of celebrating this festival. Inspite of knowing the facts of figures, we may remain unknown to the surrounding. On Diwali itself, the amount of pollution which is created through crackers is much higher than at any point of the time in the year. The smog of crackers remain in the environment and malign the air quality which might add some respiratory problems to our body. So, going pollution free and advocating a cracker free Diwali will never make a person an odd one out rather he/she will stand out when it comes to conservation of environment.

Make Diwali a partial House-Warming day Every household gets a make-up in Diwali through many ways. Thoroughly cleaning up the house in pre-festive season, buying new items for daily domestic needs are one aspect. But, decorating the house in a way which outstands you is preferable. Like making a fusion in the curtains by adding some constraints colors and designs will give a refreshed look. Wall decoration through raw and unused items like the cardboards in photo-frames, or managing a craft work in some old & unused sarees to use them as table mat will add to the uniqueness. Keeping a bottle of wine on centre table as a show-piece will always have a catchy look.

Try to illuminate a poor’s house A day of little philanthropy can add to our dignity. Diwali always offers us the choice of being good and kind to others, and hence we must grab the opportunity to illuminate a needy’s home (the Have’s Not of our society). Caring and sharing always brings joy, so by contributing in an NGO or visiting an orphanage with some gifts or helping the poor’s by the roadside will definitely act as an ethic of our life. It might be a different way to celebrate Diwali but it is the basic constituent of this festival.

Diwali necessitates a festive feast Mostly every festival has its roots in the special dishes which are prepared in the discourse of the auspicious day. Diwali is celebrated under the umbrella of a variety of such dishes like Dahi-Bada, Malpua, Sonpapdi, Khurma, Longlata, Kalazam etc. whose deliciousness has a power to allure anyone & everyone.

Image Source : Parth Jain

Guest Photographer

( Instagram : @parthz )


-Nischai Vats

Guest Writer