Reliving The Memories Of Childhood

There are many things which we all have done when we were little kids and everyone misses that phase of carelessness, innocence and playfulness. We can do mistakes and get out of any mess at that time because of the innocence dripping down our faces nobody could scold us much. Childhood is the most cherished stage in one’s life and on children’s day Barclet wants to relive the childhood memories and pay its tribute to this day.

Let’s recall some of the instances from our childhood and smile through the time that went by:

1) Saving money in piggy banks:

Almost every child has experienced this, how one used to save their pocket, control the urge of spending it over their favourite chocolates and toffees and putting them in the piggy banks. This was an amazing task done by us to show how much of self control we all had when we were small.

2) Teasing the siblings:

Every child has a weird tendency to irritate, tease and fight with the younger or elder sibling. But obviously if you were the elder sibling when you were small, you know that for some strange reason you were the ones who used to get the scolding (even if it wasn’t your fault).

3) Playing everyday:

It’s not yet revealed as to from how and where children take out energy everyday for games. After a hectic day at work, people seem to have forgot the essence of outdoor activities and are more inclined towards video games.

4) Saying sorry to anything and everything:

Childhood is a stage when everyone shoots this word more than often and sometimes doesn’t even know on what they are apologizing. Anyway as now we have grown up, quite sometimes even if we know that its our fault still we refuse to apologise because of our attitude and ego.

5) Group of friends:

If we recall our past, we all know that we were small we used to have the best of friends and there are some who are still attached with us. Whereas, if we  compare our work places with our schools, we don’t have such good friends because people turn out to be selfish as they grow up and lose their innocence in the greed of earning more and more.

6) Parents are God:

For every child his/her parents are the God, the ultimate saviours and the ones who are above all and can be approached anytime. But now how many of us abide to the same belief? Everyday we hear one or the other news of parents being sent to old age homes and women’s health care centres and what not. Its a shame on our part that once known as our Gods are now turning out to be a hurdle in our road to success.

7) Following promises:

Everyone’s parents had this ultimate weapon to make us follow anything, from not eating excess of chocolates to completing homework on time, and we all used to follow the promises from our heart and soul. If we compare that with our present how many of us still believe in promises, how many of us actually even respect others sayings and words even if its in our own favour and good.


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– Kritika Bhardwaj