Coming Back Home

All this while our heart aches to get back were we belong
Home is calling us all.

The sober walls shout out with band posters. Blacked out of dust that sits above the pretty frames. Those little cracks have a story of their own. You get back to a place you’ve known. Each day we fight the bustling crowds surviving on deadlines, whether young or old. Yet when we get home there’s a sigh of relief. People who live with their families  and ones who live far that is basically everyone one can relate to the feeling of getting back home.

All while long we’ve known a home is different from a house. A house is what they make out of bricks and clay and set a price to it. Homes are priceless. There is no value attached to nostalgia. When you often get back home there a feeling of safety. The one that you have accomplished all chores and its time to rest the sore muscles. You get back to people who’ve grown up with or the ones whom you have seen grow. Familiar faces and feelings. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Getting back may not bring the same intensity of joy to all but the fact it doesn’t is anything but false.

People move out of home in pursuit of better things the world has for them education, jobs, travel what all and what not or on death and ill health, the home is one wall less. The ones left behind go back to same with a sense of void. One share of chatter less. It’s sad going back to an empty home where every corner is a doorway to another world build together. The silence is deafening. The ones you leave behind, live in a place that you inhibited for long. Living on hope that one day they’ll find there their dawn. When you will go back to yours

For the walls have seen you grow. The floor had had its share of bashing when you fall. Every crack did hear you laugh and where ever you go this love will only grow. No wonder why people who change cities, have a  extraterrestrial glaze when they cast there eyes to place where once they lived.
Every house has a story to tell. A tale of transformation from brick to a place where souls dwell.

– Sakshi Agarwal