Love Is A Disease

LOVE,  a four letter word that everybody craves for and when they get the sting of cupid’s arrow, they start understanding what it really is. It takes over like a virus. You’re blinded by it but honestly, it’s a great eye opener. Some people let it spread but some people avoid it because they don’t want the pain but then no pain, no gain. It’s a beautiful feeling! But it’s not always roses and chocolates, it doesn’t always make you happy still it’s worth a shot because happiness is not permanent but until there is sadness, you won’t understand the meaning of true happiness.

Movies are 75% the happy part but honestly, love’s not just hugs and kisses or flowers and cakes, it also includes fights and drama, tears and drunken souls, sleepless nights and sad songs. Love is not happy or sad! It’s like a disease it’ll screw the shit out of you but you’ll start enjoying every passing day and try to make everyday count. You’ll turn creative out of nowhere and do different things to melt them every once in a while.

You’ll wonder where has the pessimist inside you gone?

Then you’ll know it’s love. When you start finding solution to every problem, you’ll understand it’s love. When you stick to someone like they’re the only person you can see your future with, you’ll feel the love. Everytime you see them no matter how mad at each other you are, you’ll smile. You’ll go ahead to slap them but you’ll hug them instead. You’ll want to murder them but you’ll try to solve the problem instead. You’ll start loosing the strength to lie because you know you can’t hurt them, lies might fix things for a while but eventually the truth comes out and the trust you built is back to ZERO.

Trust is the base to love. You wouldn’t know when passion turns to obsession( in a good way)it will take you places you never thought you’d witness but love is full of surprises. People say if you love someone, let them go, HELL NO! If you love them, you’ll do anything to keep them by your side. Sacrifices & changes are an essential part. You’ll fall in love with their idea of love. You’ll fall over and over again for that single person. Everybody defines love in their words. This is love for me.
P.s. it’s the best disease ever.


– Radhika Gupta