Never Give Up

Never give up , even when everything is falling apart ..

Life is not fair. We have to face endless obstacles and struggle hard. As Charles Darwin stated – “Survival of the fittest .” We have to give our best in order to survive . But this is also the beauty of life. No might matter how bad the situation is , no matter how much pain you are bearing right now, keep reminding yourself that you will get through this . As sun rises after every dark night , happiness finds its way after sorrow . Moreover , bad times make us realize the worth of good times .

Live each day as if it’s your last .  The beauty of being a mortal is to know that any moment can be the last . We don’t have an eternity to amend our mistakes and start afresh .All we have is this moment . Make sure to make it count .
Letting go is the easiest thing to do. People , relations , opportunities , they all slip by as we watch , and life ends before we realize it . For once , dare to be brave .Fight for the relationships in your life because they are far too important to lose . We never realize the worth of people until they are gone . Make a difference , act now and never take people for granted because we never know when they will be gone.


Sometimes , we may feel real hurt. The pain is too much to bear .  You will face many such times in the course of life . When everything seems to be falling apart and nothing seems right ,just remind yourself to not give up ,not yet . The pain may be intolerable but the fact that you are feeling it is itself your real victory . To feel . You feel everything and this makes the difference between the living and the dead.