Black And White

A long, long time ago, when everything was just starting out, and even the planets and stars were so young that they were still going to school, there was a special class which was everyone’s favorite, having by far the most fun filled classmates. The class members were a bunch of rather mischievous colours; from black and white, through to red and blue, yellow, and all the rest. They hoped to grow up to be wonderful colours and this is what they were training for.
In addition to being funny and joyful, the colours were very naughty; particularly the black and white ones, so preoccupied with causing mayhem that they were almost always late for class.
One morning there was a great commotion in the sky. The clouds were up there, practising raining, but they had been raining for so long that they’d gone and created a storm so terrible that absolutely everyone had become saddened and depressed at having such little light. Even when the sun started shining again, it did not manage to cheer up the world.
The only solution was to appeal, as a last resort, to the naughty, mischievous colours, even though they were still very young and weren’t yet trained for anything like this. The authorities went straight to their classroom. It was still early, and, as ever, black and white hadn’t yet turned up. However, there was no time to lose; they couldn’t wait for black and white. The other colours had to do something fast. They ran down the corridors, out of the door, and flew up into the sky.
On their way up to the clouds each one of the colours left a resplendent trail but the effect on the world was unfortunately either very high and too striking or very low and too dim because of their incomplete education. This situation marked the entry of the colours black and white. They came and settled right under the rainbow, where the colours had left their bright trails and dimmed and brightened the effect accordingly. Surprisingly, they did their job with utter supremacy. Travelling side by side, the combination of all the colours’ trails was so appropriate, perfect and spectacular that smiles returned to everyone’s face, and the world filled with the sound of applause.
Black and white, underneath, high fived and dazzled with happiness.
The colours felt honoured and delighted to be named as the sun’s official assistants. The Sun thanked black and white for their vital aid as they couldn’t have managed anything without their help. The inhabitants of the world begged the colours to promise that, from that day on, they would always be at hand to help cheer everyone up, and black and white would always be there to make sure it was done appropriately and with perfection when it was. It was agreed that whenever the clouds overdid it on the rain, the colours would come quickly and make a rainbow.
Black and white, on the other hand had managed their job so well that now they didn’t mind being left out of the rainbow. They were now the most serious and important of all the colours, and no one could get anything done without them.