Humanities, A Taboo

“Are you sure? You can at least try science or commerce…” is what is said to me every time I say I want to do humanities, and this of course is followed by ridiculous faces and a mild laugh.
This article isn’t meant to be like the other ‘typical magazine articles’, we are writing to be heard, to make a change.
Science and humanities have taken the form of two separate cultures in themselves. As in today’s world, we strive to create a society having some values, a more adaptable and creative workforce and the most secure form of the nation, we lack a very integral factor and that is part of the population actually DESIRING to be a part of it.
Today, it’s become a question of mortification for a child with ‘A’ grades in his/her previous class to pursue history and poetry as their interests. Then comes the typical Indian parental pressure, as you call it. The basic fact that if you’re not a doctor or an engineer, then you’re worthless and good for nothing.
If you’re a science student, you are considered hardworking, studious, excellent and basically WELL ROUNDED. But if you’re a humanities student, not quite the same thing. You are basically a person with a lot of leisure time, studying easy stuff and can be called hard working when it comes to cultural activities.
Whenever I get the ‘WELL ROUNDED’ response, I want to reply, “Does well rounded mean like chubby?” But I don’t want to offend some of my peers. Instead I say, “I don’t really know what well rounded means-does it mean being able to chitchat about Shakespeare at cocktail parties?”
For people who don’t know us enough to say to the others, “She must be a failure…”
Who is failing, You or I? I guess you are. Failing to understand that students from the humanities background are just as important as students from the science background. The society and the economy is but a watch, which doesn’t function properly if each of it’s needle isn’t doing their job well.
Imagine a world full of scientists, bankers, directors, engineers, this world may seem like a dream to you, but let’s break it out to you gently, this world would take you and I nowhere. We need social workers, democrats, poets, artists, writers, journalists, yes we do.
If subjects like psychology, political science and geography interest you, you have all rights to take them up without being judged.
We live in a world in increasingly dominated by science. And that is fine. But it’s precisely because science is so powerful that we need the humanities now, more than we ever did before.
In their science, mathematics and engineering classes, they’re given facts, answers, knowledge and truth. They’re told “that’s how things are” and they give you certainty. The humanities on the other hand gives you matter completely contradictory but equally essential to the human society and that is critically analyzing the doctrines propagated by scientists and “that’s how things CAN or SHOULD be”.
Humanities enlarges your mind frame beyond the levels of logic and practicality. It forces you to perceive beyond ‘that’s how things are’ and working on all that is definitely equal to the working of a science student’s mind on their mathematic equations, economic statistics and biology principles.