When Love Backfires

Once in a lifetime we all meet that one special person for whom we are all set to fight the world, kill all our wishes and follow their every command. Life deals with many atrocities and sometimes leaves a very deep scar on our heart. At times we want to forget all the flaws of the person, because staying away from them was never an option. ‘Move On’ the smaller it looks, the more harder it is. Moving on deals with the process of spending sleepless nights, to ignoring the person, at last reaching to a stage when their existence wouldn’t affect us. But is that it? Is forgetting a person that easy?

The answer is NO, humans aren’t designed in a way to control their memory. If that had been the case, then I am pretty sure people would have erased all bad moments, keeping only the good ones and world would be a better place to live in. What the sad part in this process is, the decisions taken by our mind always clashes with the ones taken by our heart. Heart, when examined scientifically, is an organ which pumps blood in our system, well and good, but then God thought of improvising the organ and putting in some more functions to it; this was the origination of feelings. The first impression is the last impression, true with many cases, specially in love at first sight.

There are two kinds of love if we broadly classify them, one is ‘love at first sight’ and the other is ‘loving the person after knowing them’. Well with time I have experienced a third category as well, which is known to all and needs no introduction, it’s ‘loving someone who turns out to be someone else’. This third category needs a very little understanding, basically with the ever growing craze of having that someone special in one’s life, the youth is constantly mimicing the image of an idealistic lover, forgetting what they really are, which leads to choas and confusion into their life when they finds out the ‘Real person’. People who can relate to this will know what anger, doubts, and hatred it evokes for the person they used to love earlier. But instead of questioning one’s love, think what lead to the change of feelings. Let’s place the constants in the situation first, two lovers, their family and friends, spectators (could be classmates, colleagues etc). Leaving them things are transient for the two people who are immensely in love with each other. So, suddenly when problems start to create because of family or friends, examine the situation and get to the conclusion of whom being wrong. You will get the answers shortly but obviously you will resist from taking a strong decision, this is more or less a pressure due to our own physical, emotional and social needs, also the spectators play a vital role in this. At some point you need to close your eyes and think for yourself, of what you want from life and how far you want to take the relationship. Being selfish for a moment to get a better future is not bad at all.

– Kritika Bhardwaj