Know Your Handwriting

“I prefer the pen. There is something elemental about the glide and flow of nib and ink on paper.”

James Robertson, The Testament of Gideon Mack

It is said that your handwriting is the mirror of your personality. Your handwriting analysis can tell you more than 100 traits of your personality. The style of your writing not only includes the cursive or simple type of writing but also includes how much pressure you put while writing a word or a sentence, the spacing between your letters and the shape of your letters and a lot more factors that indicate different personality traits about you. Our handwriting is a strong factor for the understanding of self and helps us meet with our true self. So here are a few facts listed below for you. Read them and discover the things about your personality and see if it is relatable or not.



The pressure you exert in handwriting shows the depth of emotions. In other words, the harder you press on the pen, the deeper are your emotions. It can signify your inner management of feelings that build up inside a person, sensibility of a person, the amount of tension, the amount of stress a person is going through. Putting hard pressure while writing denotes you are committed, feel things very intensely and give a quick to reaction to things or situation whereas light pressure denotes you move easily from place to place and don’t attach yourself over emotionally with something.

Letter size

The size of your letters can reveal whether you are shy or outgoing. If you write small letters then without any doubt you are a shy and an introvert personality. It also denotes your good concentration, narrow perspective of life, ability to focus on a goal. If you write with the large letters, it shows you are quite opposite ie. outgoing, confident and attention-seeking, basically you are people oriented and an extrovert person. It also indicates your  broad perspective of life, a desire for recognition, someone who has a low boredom level. People who are creative or are artistic or celebrities mostly have large handwritings.



If your handwriting slants towards the right side then you are a friendly person and you are  also sentimental but not selfish or inconsiderate. Your friends and family have a lot of value in your life.

If you have a Vertical handwriting then it denotes that you have a good control over your emotions and that you rarely show your emotions. It is said that people with such handwriting tend to think and decide using their brains instead of listening to their heart indicating that they are both logical and rational.

If your handwriting slants towards the left side then it shows that you have an introvert personality. You prefer to work with things over people. Someone who has a leftward slant in their handwriting often does not appreciate closeness with people and is said to be independent and aloof. They can appear to be outgoing in social circumstances but in reality, they like being on their own.


Dotting your is

The pattern in which you put a dot or don’t put a dot on your “i’s” says a lot regarding your personality; those putting the dot high up have an imaginative personality and those writing it off to the left tend to delay or postpone things. If your handwriting shows a circle rather than a dot then you presumably possess a childlike quality and are playful. Only organised and emphatic people place the dot exactly on top of the i. It shows they are people who pay great attention to detail and like being tidy.

Word spacing

Studies suggest that those who give a wide spacing between their words are independent and like their own freedom and free will. Such individuals don’t like to be crowded with people, whereas those choosing to write with little spaces between their words prefer to be surrounded by people and hate to be alone or upstage.

- Vani Matta