Why Are Internships Important?

A very influential senior once said to me,”It doesn’t matter what you do inside the college rather what matters is what you do outside.”

With the ever increasing competition, one can not expect the degree to suffice, especially when the same piece of paper would also be given to the thousand others graduating with you. What would differentiate and make you stand out from the herd of job seekers would be your greater achievements. A résumé is the first conversation between the employer and future employee. The thing that catches the eye isn’t the monotonous educational qualification section rather the extra curricular, workshop and seminars attended and internships section. An employer is more likely to choose the one who already has the important supplementary skills and is familiar with the industry rather a rookie who needs to be taught from scratch. Also the internship will help you make contact with potential future employers. Hence an internship will make it much easier to find work and get off to a good start in your career.

An internship can be considered a cross-over point between your study period and work period. It will introduce you to potential future work environments and hence facilitate you in deciding if these meet your career wishes and interests. It is specifically a boon to those who have enrolled in programs they do not have a specific interest in or have yet to discover which industry they would want to join. The experience gained during an internship will help in structuring your future studies, particularly when it comes to deciding what aspects you should focus on. A internship and study focus will thus help in establishing an individual career profile.

An internship could also be a means for saving up for college expenses. Many simple part-time internships offer sufficient remuneration for a college student which can be helpful for taking up extra classes and courses.

Thus, an internship covers from your academic as well as your economic needs.

- Srishtee Rawat