Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper is a well-known murder case from 1888. This infamous criminal murdered five English prostitutes and terrorizing the Whitechapel district of East End London. Never captured, his identity still unknown, making the most famous unsolved mystery.

In the year 1888 Jack the Reaper terrorized the streets of East London massively. Committing five murders of the ‘night ladies’. But he didn’t stop there, he mutilated the bodies in a peculiar way that showed that his familiar with human anatomy. He was never captured. This case is England’s and the world’s most popular criminal.

The murder of the five prostitutes took place within a mile in the Whitechapel and other districts in East London. Despite countless investigation, definite evidence, the serial killer’s name, motive and identity was unknown. 

Several letters were sent to the metropolitan police service or Scotland Yard taunting about his gruesome murders and speculating upcoming crimes. Various theories about the Ripper’s identity were formed. One suspect was a Polish artist, Walter Sickert and also the Queen’s grandson.  Since 1888, more than hundred names were suspected to the serial killer. 

The five victims of the murder were:

  1. Mary Ann (Polly) Nichols, murdered Friday, August 31, 1888.

       2. Annie Chapman, murdered Saturday, September 8, 1888.

       3. Elizabeth Stride, murdered Saturday, September 30, 1888.

    4. Catherine Eddowes, murdered Saturday, September 30, 1888

    5. Mary Jane Kelly, murdered Friday, November 9, 1888

When Jack the Ripper’s crime suddenly stopped in 1888 itself, the citizens wanted answers. These didn’t arrive, even after centuries. Making the serial killer topic of news for 120 years and probably for more decades to come. However, the killer started in august 1888 stood from other violent crimes as they spoke greatly of the criminal’s mind. They were marked as sadistic butchery, suggesting that his mind was sociopathic and hateful, which is beyond comprehension. He didn’t just murder, he humiliated and mutilated the women, showing his abhorrence to the female gender. The ongoing case got in so much popularity many books, TV shows and movies were based on the incidents and even influenced by this.

- Vrishti Nadkarni