Different Ways You Can Reuse Your Sarees

There are times when we old sarees you don’t use anymore. For reasons such as, damage or it’s just out of fashion. But they are too expensive to let go so easily. On the other hand, it’s just sitting in your closet aimlessly taking up space and collecting dust. Now with the help of some tailoring you can bring some utilization to these oldies .


Dresses made from sarees look absolutely beautiful. It has a mix of modern and ethnic. A fusion that looks good for all purposes. So you can pick out a style and run to the tailor master. You have a party dress ready. If Google is your best friend then you can look for some DIY kinds too.


If you have sarees with a fancy border then this will be a great idea for you. Keeping the focus in those borders stitch yourself pretty ghagras and skirts of whatever height you want. Wear it with some simple top, preferably plain, that does not take the focus away from the skirt.


Bags are handy to carry things, keep things and even gift people things. So why not make some with old sarees. These bags and pouches will charming and attractive. They’ll be handy too. 

      4. HOME DÉCOR

Using sarees for home decor such as curtains or bed accessories will give a refreshing a royal look to your house. They will make full utilization of the saree. 


For formal or informal events you can wear jackets and blazers. Use your old sarees for this. They will bring in taste to your outfit. Watch how your simple outfit gets fancy and stylish with this add on. 

The best part about the reuse is that these alternatives will never go out of trend. No matter when you wear it or use it. It will hit the spot light. It’s a unique and creative investment that will have every one’s head turning around. 

- Vrishti Nadkarni