Tricks To Break The Ice At College

Soon colleges will reopen and you will have new people around you. No one wants to walk up to someone and sound absolutely dumb or completely rude. And without talking you cannot make friends, and of course you don’t want to be the loner of your college, therefore conversing becomes necessary. Here are a few ways you can break the ice at college with simple tricks

  1. Introduce Yourself: If you see a group of three or more people (two interacting individuals are less welcome to a third entering into their conversation), join in and introduce yourself. Don’t boast or flaunt yourself just simply ask their names and tell them yours. Don’t try too hard. 

      2. Find A Common Topic To Talk About: The common topic can be anything. Maybe a bunch of sitcoms that you watch, maybe be a hobby, maybe a particular band you like. Once you get a common topic you can relate more and have lots to talk about. 

      3. Compliment Them: Who doesn’t like to be complimented? Compliments flatter people. Saying ‘Hey nice outfit’ or ‘What a cool bag’ signals them that you acknowledge their presence which automatically raises you in their eyes. It is said that, an acquaintance that begins with a compliment is sure to develop into a real friendship.

       4. Offer to Help: If you know the way to the library, don’t hesitate to tell them. Offering to help sometimes helps you fix yourself in their mind. In the future he/she might approach you for a talk since you helped them through their problem.

      5. Take Part in College Events and Festivals: The main purpose of college events is to make students interact with other students and seniors. Take absolute advantage of this situation and talk to your batch mates and especially seniors. Having a senior as your friend makes you popular amongst your own classmates. Mostly the coolest crowd of the college is found at college festivals.

       6. Ask If You Can Join Them: If you see a guy or a girl sitting alone in the canteen, ask if you can join him/her. Start by asking them their name and then tell them yours. Ask them which course are they studying in. Probably they may be from your course itself, which gives you a friend to chit chat with in class.

Here were some hacks to survive in college without being a loner. Surely try them out. At least one of them will definitely work out.

- Nrupali Nadkarni