Munchies Worth Indulging In During Monsoon

Monsoon is a type of weather that people either love or just hate. Some enjoy the rainy season, they find joy in every shower and every drizzle. There are some who completely despise rain, the stickiness of the atmosphere drives them crazy. But there is one thing that everyone loves during monsoon, the food. It’s hot, spicy and flavourful. Consuming of such food can bring in a warm, fuzzy feeling. And to complement these indulgence, a hot cup of masala chai. Here are some popular treats…

  1. PAKORAS AND BAJIAS: When you think of rains, your mind immediately turns towards some well fried, yummy pakoras and bhajias with a sweet and spicy and chutney. To have an assorted plate of unidentified fried objects during the rainy season is pure bliss. Pakoras and bhajias are the charm of monsoon. The best part is that it can be made out of almost anything

      2. BUTTA: Butta is the corn cob roasted on burning coal. It is one of the most authentic monsoon food. Wherever you are, during monsoon, these are a hot selling items sold on the roadsides. After roasting it, it gets butter applied on it. Then some chilli powder and salt for taste. Then squeeze a lemon over and there you have it, party on a cob. 

      3. MISAL PAVA: A classic Marathi dish of spiced sprouts gravy and fresh pav. The beauty of this dish increases when the sprout gravy is topped with some crunchy namkeen mixture. This dish is full of flavour and texture. To have this while it’s pouring down with a hot cup of tea, gives the ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. The feeling is truly different and totally worth it. 

       4. KEBABS AND TIKKAS: Kebabs and tikkas are the meaty goodness during the rain. They create a spicy trail of heat down the throat which is apt for monsoon. It happens to be a satisfactory indulgence when it rains cats and dogs. It’s not only delicious but also very filling.

       5. ROLLS AND WRAPS: These wholesome package are wonderful for monsoon season. They are filled with meat, vegetables and sauces. Not just that, they are also an on the go type of food. To satisfy the needs of a healthy, small and easy to make food you just have to roll it and wrap it up. These tasty delights are so flavourful and it has something for everyone. 

       6. KACHORI: Kachoris are deep fried snacks. These puff pastry like pouches or balls are stuffed with various things with a lot spices and herbs. They are crunchy on the outside. But the inside can be crispy or juicy. Tastes best with a sweet and sour tamarind chutney. It’s like a small ballroom dance in the mouth during monsoon.

       7. SAMOSA: Everyone in India is a fan of Samosas. It’s a popular dish. When stuck in rain some samosas to feast on seems like a perfect way to kill time. It’s stuffed with potato, chick pea, peas and so many things. It’s nice and spicy for the palate. Its evergreen and everyone’s favourite. 

Monsoon indulgence are always a bliss.They are a party in your mouth. These snacks reek of happiness and content. With cutting chai or masala chai, it can’t better. The roadsides are full of these delightful junks to bring in life to your palates. 

- Vrishti Nadkarni