Thoughts Monsoon Brings To Our Mind

Well, who doesn’t love the monsoon? I just love the season of monsoon, the smell of Earth before and after it rains, The musical melody of the raindrops on our glass windows, the clear blue sky right after the rains, the freshness of the air after rains, the lush green grass after the rains, who wouldn’t want to have the bread-pakoras with a hot cup of chai (tea) or coffee in kulhar sitting in their gardens outside? The sparkling green leaves make me want to read a romantic novel. Immersed in my thoughts having a hot steamy cup of coffee I feel every drop of the rain from my window. Rain is a law of nature that never fails to put me in awe, seeing the thunder and lightning, the grey skies, the cool breeze taking away with the leaves and the twigs. When it’s rain I just want to run outside jump like a kid in those puddles, spread my hands across and just let the raindrops slide down my cheeks. Dancing in the rain like a child making me re-live my childhood. The orchestra of light and sound played by nature through thunder and lightning right before it rained always made me feel excited and gave a signal of the coming of the rains. Even though monsoon for me is happiness, an escape from the scorching heat of the Summer Sun, igniting in romanticism among the lovers and the couples. The way it brings in smiles to some, it is a disadvantage for the homeless and ones riding the motorbikes. Overtime it starts raining the homeless are deprived of the only home to them. The poor people with the “Kachha Ghar” (Mud House) have to deal with the leaking roofs and might fall ill with Viral or something as serious as pneumonia. People also have to deal with water-clogging, flash floods and a lot of traffic. But every positive also comes with a negative, it is the way balancing, the law of nature.

With colorful raincoats and umbrellas rain also adds color to the black and white world. Only a few people feel every drop of rain, others only get wet. Happy Monsoon.

- Vani Matta