If Chanchan Man Was Real….

Ah if I had a dollar for every time I’ve wished for a fictional character to come alive! And you’d be lying if you tell me that you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan and haven’t wished that at least one of the characters come alive. So today we imagine a world with a Chandler Muriel Bing. Now all of us want to have a Chandler in our lives or maybe have a friend who is an abbreviation of him(and I am lucky to have one, cheers Chandie, you know who you are). Not only would he indulge you in some sarcastic comment when you need advice but also teach you a thing or two about the beauty if being a square peg in a round hole.Here are some scenarios which will scream Bing to the world :-

He will be the most famous Meme Guy in the world:

If there is a guy who can come up with the funniest jokes along with an expression that compliments it, it is Chandler. His ability to mock and to create award winning comebacks is unbeatable.

He will be the king of social media

Come on we are talking about Chandler here! You really think that he will come up with a joke or a line and not share it with the world moreover when it is just a one click job? We’d also have to follow his friends regularly because we know there is no one who writes a friend’s description better than him (think Ross).

A friend for the socially awkward

Hey now you have someone you can be awkward with. There are some wallflowers who observe the party from a distance, some who are awkward dancers, some plainly weird with other humans and for all of them Chandler is not only a friend but also a role model who’ll teach them to pull it off like a real boss.

He will be the author of a book with the most hilarious alternate definition of things

Ha Ha!You won’t find another human who will refer to a chin dimple as a face ass. Also remember the time when he (mis)quoted A.A. Milne? That is what I am talking about. That book will sell in millions. Millions!

A more humanly superhuman friend

Chandler will take a bullet for a friend. At the same time he messes things up to. Chandler is not a typical fabricated-for-a-tv-show friend. He is more of reality based character. We can relate to the times he screws things up with Joey or Monica or Ross. That makes him all too suited for real world.

We definitely will have some more interesting advertising catchphrases around

Need I say more!?

Will possibly face public outrage for his stand on some issues

Chandler’s disgust for his father and his issues with gender roles is something he won’t get away with in the modern world. There is no denying the fact that he hated his father more for being gay than for the divorce he caused. He mocks his father for not being manly enough and throughout the series he attempts to cement his identity as a man. He is a man but he thinks he is not enough of a man, which stands in contrast with the idea of liberation from gender roles we strive for today.

And if all of this wasn’t enough of ChanChan Man for you, then here:

Until later,

- Shakshi Singh